Sunday, 23 September 2012

Litttle bits of this and that!

Have not had a lot of time for miniatures the last couple of weeks, but i do have almost complete what's showing below. You will see from the photos not all that is showing is finished, such as eyes on the mandrakes and pumpkins etc. The tree is also needing its finishing touches.

I do have some other miniatures on the go but not had a chance to take any photos, plus i'm working in a bit of a tip and seem to have forgot about much that ive started. Will find them when i clean and tidy at some point.

A long time ago i made minaiture cheese. At the time i thought it was great, but over time when i look back i can always find ways to improve when looking at old work, so have been battling through cheese this week trying my hardest to make it as realistic as possible. Ive been working on Stilton cheese the last few days which i will show when complete. In the 4th photo you can see my own verison of Brie.
This week will be starting work on other cheeses, and will be venturing out of the uk to continental cheeses once they are complete. I love some of the cheeses available from Ireland and really want to give them a go to. Really looking forward to making some Italian cheese.
I find cheese really beautiful, with the colours and textures it offers... never mind the taste.


  1. So beautifully made! I can't wait to see more. Are they going to be available in your store for purchase?

  2. Ohh miss Nikki,

    I'm soo glad to see you working on minis again. I really am in awe of you work and love your tree! I have been reading/following your blog for quite some time and do enjoy all the mini and felting. Will some of these possibly be listed on etsy?.? 8-)

  3. I will have them all available shortly. Before i list in my shop i shall post here a few days in advance. Nikki xxxx

  4. Oh you make wonderful Things ... All so Nice.. My favourit ist the tree and the pumpkins : )

  5. unos trabajos maravillosos



  6. Hey, that tree looks so cool!!! It is so funny that after the mice you seem to be making a lot of cheese lately. Are you planning a kind of dairy in your mouse house? Good to know your mice won´t be suffering hunger :-)
    Hugs, Sandra

  7. Your stuff is just always so amazing looking.


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