Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Collection of work.

A collection of work from the past month or so xxx

Sunday, 15 June 2014

Vanished for some time!

Vanishing from here seems to be what i do quite often. However i have not stopped making miniatures. 
For some time iniatially during my vanishing i worked on miniatures for myself, and will share in a future post. For the last couple of months i have been working on a few commissions and enjoying the work. I can see a difference in my work and an improvement which always pleases me. I always think its good to never be satisfied and always want to to better. 
I do plan to open a shop at some point and make my work availavle again. But for now just working at my own pace.
Also for quite a large chunk of last year... i think the whole summer and part of autumn i suffered with shingles and so didnt do much for months. I was so tired. Hope i never get shingles again!
Im not sure how often i will blog. Ive noticed a lot of miniature people have a preference for facebook and communicating that way. I prefer it too and hopefully will continue with my witch and wizard page there at some point. But for now i just use my private fb.
Here is a selection of finished and work in progress miniatures from the last few months. 

Friday, 19 April 2013


Now at the point where i need to start filling the room with cheese, apples, dishes and pots and pans, aprons, tea towels washing up and food cooking. 

Need too add lots more interest here, onions and garlic hanging, plates, jars of jams and pictures on the wall.
I made the two baskets at the front from the card, the one at the back i made from wood.

Hawthorn berries in the large basket.

The room so far... going to remove the rocking chair and add other chairs instead. 
The rocking chair will go in the bedroom.

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Fireplace and door for the Brambly House

Just two photos to share. The basics for the kitchen are almost complete and then all that needs doing is making everything like food, large baskets, the jars, apples etc. I also need to add the candles for the lighting.

The fireplace. I changed the frame from whats been seen in previous photos. 
The black stove i made from wood.

 A false doorways leading up to the next floor. I also need to make more shelving for the corner.
I made the sink myself and still need to add taps.

Friday, 12 April 2013

Closing down my shop.

Im closing down my folksy shop and have reduced all that's there by half.

Will be closing my shop on Monday evening.

Heres the link

A few of the miniatures available. Others to see in my shop

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Brambly Update

For the last few weeks ive been really busy with my Brambly house. Ive been busy decorating and making quite a variety of minis for all the rooms. There is still a long way to go to completion. but its so nice to see the house coming to life and looking quite pretty.
Theres a lot of photos here but its been so long since i showed my house here kind of had no choice as to the amount of photos.

 My friend Suzanne sent these little mice to me to pick which size and style was right for the crib. You can see photos of the crib below. I picked the smallest mouse, so she is making another 2 of them so i can have 3 babies in the crib together.

Also from Suzanne. They are so tiny. Ive made the other 2 showing in the background. These are for the nursery.

Bottles for the bathroom.

New furniture.

Lovely little kits.

 A rug kit. This is for the living room.

Fabrics for making towels, dresses and shoes etc.

For the nursery and kitchen.

Tools for the dad mouse

Turning these into dummies/soothers for the baby mice.

Bits and bobs.

Very much treasured by me! I also have an elephant showing in a photo below. Sent to me from my friend Janice.

 The furniture painted and aged.

Made from the kits showing above.

I started the rug kit. This is going to take a long time and think the house will be finished before the rug lol.

Pretty bonnets i made. The smallest is too small for an adult 1:12 doll.

 Dressing the dresser... still not fully filled. though

Apron i made

I made the half testers and pelmet etc, i glued the quilt pattern onto to fabric... looks quite effective.

For the walls.

The start of the crib for 3 baby mice.

Bathroom Kit

A little treasure from my friend Janice

The nursery.

The bathroom kits complete. I enamelled all that is white.

The exterior base... needs lots more paint work still. 

Couch i made from a kit.

 The main bedroom.

The bathroom. 

Little treasures with the crib in the nursery.

I need to make the lady mouse pic too. These will hang over their bed as their wedding photos.

Baby mouse. My friend Suzanne is making the other two mice.