Sunday, 9 September 2012

3 Mice and their Bunting

I have been making some witchy and wizard minis for the last week or so, but have not as yet taken any photos due to having had problems with my camera.

About 3 days ago i had a strong urge to make some mice after falling in love with Brambly Hedge. I do plan to make some Brambly Hedge miniatures alongside my normal, and so decided i needed some mice to help me with the scenes id like to create.

Have been busy saving lots of Brambly Hedge and Mice images on pinterest. Here is the link to one board.

Here is the link for all of my boards.

If, as yet you have not tried pinterest, then be aware, its highly addictive and i promise valued days... even weeks will be lost, lol.

Anyway, heres the three mice i made ready to hang their mini bunting. They pinched snippets of my favourite moda fabric.

Got to say they do look a bit bear like, not 100% mousy but for a first try its not too bad, and im proud as punch of them. 


  1. te han quedado muy bien acabados, pero coincido contigo,creo que te han quedado como un hibrido entre raton y oso,pero son muy graciosos



  2. For your first attempt Nikki, I think you've done brilliantly..x

  3. Hello
    I found your blog just incredible and so amazing as a childhood dream. I adore!

  4. Oh Nikki! They are so cute! I have to agree... they do have Bear faces- However....I think that's why I love them:) And I too love Brambly Hedge... Although you can't really find anything with it here in the USA. I do have a folder here though with about half the images you have:) I love how stuffed they're houses are!! I CAN NOT wait to see what you do with this!!

  5. Love them and Brambly Hedge, I could look at the pics of mouse house`s


  6. So nice to see you creating in mini again. Though, I have enjoyed all of your life size projects as well. The mice are adorable! :)

  7. Ok.. I just got to tell you:) I'm totally addicted to Pinerest now, lol!! And I'm getting really good at wasting away whole days because of it....But last night- My ole man was teasing me about being an addict....until I sat him down in front of it, lol. Then I couldn't get him off. We were up till 2 in the morning looking at armour and swords, lol. I made him a board, and he has more pins in it then any of my boards.... So who's the addict, now, hehe...

    Thanks again for pointing it out. It is an awesome place to get inspiration!


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