Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Cheese, cheese and more cheese!

Managed to make a nice selection of British cheese this week, which are Red Leicester Sparkenhoe, Cheddar, Wensleydale, and Colston Basset Stilton. There is also a French Brie.
They really are so difficult to take a photo of and have done my best to represent them in their truest form.

Im Going to Visit my Friend Debbie in Wales this weekend and very much looking forward to it. Ive been there before but for just less than a day, so will be nice to have time with her and her family, plus all the animals. Im going by train and will take some photots of the beautiful scenery i got to see last time just near the station Debbie met me at. Its so beauutiful and hope the sun shines so you can see the beautiful coastline i get to see from the train.

Nikki xxx


  1. These look so realistic, are you planning on puttin them up in your Etsy shop..


  2. Yes, will be going in my shop. I need to take more photos of a few others things. Will be probably Friday ish next week. Will here a few days prior to listing. Nikki xxx

  3. vaya cantidad de queso , tienen una pinta genial



  4. It's so réalistic that i can smell them!!

  5. Your cheese's look absolutely fabulous!
    Have a great time at your friend Debby's house!


  6. So beautiful!
    Have fun with Debbie . Big hugs to you both, Rosanna


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