Saturday, 25 August 2012

Plans and Basketsx

I plan to have some Miniatures in 1:12 available in a few weeks when my son has completed my new website. The items will be available through my site using Paypal.
Hopefully when he has finished a work project he can get on with my site, and have it up and running asap.

If you look above you can see i have set up some new tabs to click on. Not all of these are working yet and are under construction. I hope to put some tutorials there in the next few months. The gallery tab takes you to my other blog.
Its taken me months to work out how to add those tabs, lol. I asked my son the other day and he pointed out straight away where i was going wrong in my trying.

Here's a little bit of what ive been making.

Really pleased with the way these pumpkins baskets turned out.

Some mushrooms for planting in a witch's garden. Ive left a little wire stem at their base so they can be secured easily in place. These took me ages to paint and really pleased with them.

Made a few miniatures, mostly mushrooms and a few mandrakes which are all now complete and further along than what is showing here.

Spent a little time making a new prop for taking photos of miniatures. Here's me testing the prop out.

 Have also set up a new facebook page you are welcome to follow. Will be showing work there and any news. Here's the link or you can click the facebook Tab at the top of the page.

Nikki xxx


  1. Nice to see you mini making again :-) Love the pumpkin baskets adorable :-). Please let me know you website addy and I'll pop it on my website :-) xxx

  2. Your new work looks great Nikki! I can imagine how difficult it was to paint all those mini mushrooms!

  3. Wonderful to see you making miniatures again Nikki...

  4. unos trabajos estupendos



  5. Oh Nikki! The new baskets are stunning! I love how you've done them:) And the mushrooms look great- but they always do:) So glad to see you back!!!

  6. Loving the pumpkin baskets! And great detail on the mushrooms, can see where all the hours of labour went. Best wishes to you and your family :)

  7. Love your pumpkin baskets. I can't wait to see your tutorials. Glad you're back.



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