Monday, 13 August 2012

Wandering here and there!

It's been some time since i blogged (sounds like a confession, lol). Anyway, here i am, not with much to show or even blog about.

I wonder off now and then in various directions, yet somehow the clay always calls me back usually to make something for myself, then i cant resist making a few minis, and then i continue with the minis until i wonder off for a while again.

This week i thought id have a go at a few items ive made many times in the past. I've not got far with them, nor are they any where near complete, but its a start.  3 Little pumpkin pots, some brooms and a wizards staff.

Promise i will blog again without so much of a gap between posts.

Nikki xxx

I also had to make my bedroom double as a craft room. This is me moving in.

Have always wanted to make my own rag doll, here is my first. She still needs bloomers and shoes, ribbons for her hair and little bits to finish her off.

Amber and Poppy

 Went to patchwork classes to learn to quilt.

Ive also done quite a lot of other sewing for friends, or presents, for my home and also a few i do plan to sell at some point. Prior to my sewing classes i could use a machine but my knowledge in this area was limited. I now know much more and can more or less make anything with a bit of effort.

While away i became a fabric addict. Its a terrible thing to have and life seems to be just about building up a stash, then hoarding it away because its too precious to use.

I won this cupboard on ebay for a few pounds. It was a right mess and covered in stickers, however, after much work it came up nice, especially with the hart detail i added. Sadly this cupboard cant turn the bend at the top of my stairs and since moving everything else into my bedroom craft room ive had to leave this down stairs.

My last fabric shopping... the addiction is bad!

 Tidied my back garden

 Made a chicken.

 A scarf too.

 Patchwork cushion for my bed
  Last week i made some mouldm texture sheets and stamps for polymer clay work.


  1. Hi Nikki!

    Wow ... you are so busy. And I´m so happy that you are back.


  2. que bueno ver que haces cosas de nuevo , y ahora con el patchwork ,que es tan adictivo como las miniaturas ,ten cuidado jeje, has hecho unas cosas muy bonitas tanto con arcilla como con tela , buen trabajo



  3. So glad to see you back! I love your minis!! Looks like a lot of great projects.

  4. It has been a long time since you have blogged, but, my haven't you been so busy creating things.

    And what lovely things you have made. :)

    How come you aren't in your craft room any more?

  5. Great to have you back. Love everything you've been working on.

  6. Nikki! I am so glad to see you back! I was wondering what you'd been up too:) I miss your creativity around here!

    And I have to laugh at the material pile:) It is addicting! There are so many pretty fabrics out there! I too have issues with the sewing machine- so I haven't really sewed in forever... But once upon a time, I made my maternity clothes... and I made my wedding dress! I do miss sewing! I LOVE your quilt- It's beautiful!!


  7. He, your back, thats so great! You have been very busy, what a wonderful things!! Why did you have to move out of your craftroom?

  8. Good to see you're still alive and kicking. Those texture stamps are pretty cool - great idea.

  9. I'm glad to see you back. Your minis and all your creations are great.

  10. Hi Nikki,

    Just wanna let you to know, that..

    I have nominated you for the ”One Lovely Blog”-award in my blog (^^)

    MiniHugs, Irina

  11. Great idea and super blog.


Thank you for your comment xxx