Wednesday, 18 January 2012

New Miniatures in my etsy shop.

I've just added some new miniatures to my etsy shop and also a shadow box for the home.

Here is my etsy link:

All are 1:12 for a dolls house apart from the vintage sewing shadow box.


  1. Everything looks wonderful, I really love the Fairy Mannequin, so delicate and ethereal!

  2. You are amazing!
    Beautiful works, wonderful enchanted visions!

  3. Love these, Nikki! Especially the little dresses. :)

  4. He pasado un rato muy agradable visitando tu blog. Me hago seguidora tuya para poder seguir tus trabajos más de cerca.
    Y te invito a pasar por mis blog para que veas lo que yo hago.
    Un beso.

  5. That fairydress was beautiful... The wardrobe was also amazing, it's good to se you back the way we know Nikki! <3

    The shelf are they made of fimo?

  6. Hi-- I'm new to this blog and to minis in general, but I wanted to tell you how much I've been enjoying your posts+pics! The miniatures are FANTASTIC and the tutorials inspirational. Can't wait to see what crops up next!

  7. Fantastic burst of creativity! Inspires me to do some of my own creating. Always fun to see what you bring to life next :)

  8. All you do is adorable, lovely and so fresh !
    I love every single thing you do !

  9. Es increible el detalle que les pones a tus cosas, mis mas sinceras felicitaciones


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