Sunday, 8 January 2012

Potting Bench in my Etsy Shop.

I just listed a shabby chic potting bench in my etsy shop.  Here is the link:

This is my first ever shabby chic miniature and ever so pleased with it. I've made it from scratch and even enamelled the water can and gardening tools, then aged. Think i might from time to time make the odd miniature just like this.

Will also be adding a few new items to my shop later this week. Will post here before i do.

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year! xxx

Nikki xxx


  1. Its lovely Nikki, good luck with your sales.

    Debie x

  2. Nikki, it's so sweet and so different from your usual works. You are so good at anything you try, truly truly good :o)
    Minihugs, Rosanna

  3. Quite a different than the other work of yours. :) Beautiful table and all the minithings too!

  4. Looks great, you decided on flowers for your plaque then.

  5. Very cute! I am sure it will go fast! -ara

  6. Çalışmalarınız çok çok güzel hayran kaldım

  7. Instantly eye-catching, I really like it. Doing something outside the norm is great to get new ideas flowing. Hope you have many fun hours at the crafting table this year.


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