Monday, 15 August 2011

This is not my blog should you be a follower!

At the moment there is a blog called that is up and running under the name of one of my old deleted blogs. Just want to make you aware this does not belong to me.
The author somehow can take the followers that were once my own, as their own when they create it, and there is nothing i can do about this.
This was a gallery blog i deleted early this year along with a few others.
The only blog i own that is up and running is this one so you are safe to follow here as always.

I'll pop back and let you know how to remove yourself from a follower of the above blog once i have found out how.

This has also happened to Kat the Hat. Here is Kats one and only blog. If you are following any other blog you believe is Kats apart from this one then please be aware it is not hers. Again, Kats only blog is

I won't worry about it because the blog is in no way connected to me, and they seem to be publishing well, with nothing there for me to worry about. What i dont understand is how they can set it up and instantly take followers from a deleted blog. It's wrong this person is tricking people into following various blogs, covering various topics from several people and posing as individuals in and effort to get an instant audience and further expand on that through innocent people, but i know there is nothing i can do.
I reckon they are doing this to various old blogs and making money through links. They could have hundreds from various people that have deleted unwanted blogs. With hundreds of blogs and links within links etc they could be earning quite a bit each month.

Heres how to remove yourself as a followers from the link above:
Go to Manage Blogs in your Dashboard, scroll down till you find the blog you want to remove, click Settings on the right hand side, sign in (if you need to or it requests you to) and select Stop Following and Save. You will no longer receive posts in your Dashboard etc.


  1. I reported both sites as spam yesterday and today. I can't remove them as they do not exist!
    Yet their posts come up in my dashboard. How strange....

  2. I noticed this one this morning and let Kat know that the spammer was back. I've deleted him/her. Ever hopeful that the Blogger peeps get him/her or that this individual gives up.

    To delete a blog and/or stop following:
    Go to Manage Blogs in your Dashboard, scroll down till you find the blog you want to remove, click Settings on the right hand side, sign in (if you need to or it requests you to) and select Stop Following and Save. You will no longer receive posts in your Dashboard etc.

    Michelle xxxx

  3. Thank you Janice and Michelle. I dont get it all and confused by how they do this with the followers.

    Thank you Michelle for the advice on how to remove ourselves from this blog and any others they are creating.

  4. Nikki,

    They basically hijacked Kat's deleted blog and used part of the URL and inherited the followers that way, and so it goes on from there, whatever other blogs have been deleted etc they are able to continue setting up fake blogs and have Kat's followers. Susan gave a description regarding the technical issues on Kat's blog. :o))

    Happy deleting! :o)
    Michelle xxx

  5. I noticed about Kat's blog and I managed to delete myself as follower.It suddenly appeared a blog on other subjects but with the same URL. The strange fact is that the true Kat didn't appeare anymore and only the fake one was visible.
    I'll go to the real one at once. Rosanna

  6. Be aware that the same person ihas taken over "yummy mini foods". That one is publishing ground turkey recipes by the dozens. I managed to get off of that one as well as the fake Kat the hat one. It looks like there are a couple of other X mini blogs that this person has highjacked! We all have to be careful.

  7. Hi Nikki,

    sorry to hear this happened to you, too. But you're adding a little to the actual confusion with a wrong link to Kat's - her new blog is She had to get rid of her old ones and decided to create a new one with her last name in it. Maybe you should better change that... ;O)


  8. well I've followed all instructions to delete them from my feed but they STILL show despite all my attempts! havnt a clue how to stop their drivel appearing on my newsfeed now:((

  9. correction... it HAS worked, quick refresh and theyre gone! :D thanks

  10. Grrrrr ok so Ive done all Ive been advised but STILL the 'Fashion Lady' one is on my page as a blog I 'follow'! :(( all advice appreciated as to how to get rid!

  11. Another blog has changed... Taenias miniatures is not longer Taenias'.
    It now shows adds of Canadian enterprises , dentists lawyers etc.., I managed to delete it.
    The worst fact is that in my dashboard it was still shown as if it was the old one with its 200 plus followers. The new one only has 3 followers !
    Now I begin to worry about all our blogs...
    Can we save them someway? Thank you and have a nice day, Rosanna

  12. If you need to delete the spam from Kat's deleted blog, you need to look for a blog URL starting with WelcometoKatthehatlady Wendie. So it will be right at the bottom with the 'W's. The spammer always signs off as DHIE under his/her posts too.

    It may be a good idea to change your passwords...not sure if they can somehow access data.

    Michelle xxxx

  13. Another fake blog on my dashboard and this is tough: it doesn't even appear in my blog list but only on items.
    It belongs to the same woman whose late two blogs I have erased.
    I begin to worry.
    Does anybody know how to back up our previous posts? I'd hate loosing everything.Thanks a lot, Rosanna

  14. Thank you Nikki for letting everyone know where I am I have lost a lot of followers as people thought I had stop making hats and was doing a blog on fashion/hand creams lol. I am laughing but it was upsetting really as I have got quite a few nasty/upsetting emails over the past few weeks saying that followers didn't want to follow me anymore. Not realising that they were not seeing my blog but this other person who had pinched my old blog address. Still at least now I know it's not me they cannot stand but this other person LOL ;-D Phew! Hopefully I can build up my followers again. Last Look I had 50 so thank you everyone for joining and letting people know where I am xxxxxxxxxxx

  15. Thanks for the advice everyone, but it's not on my blog list and so I can't delete it, yet it's still coming up in the update. Blogger can be really frustrating with all it's gremlins. I've tried logging into their help forum, but can't even get that to work (it's telling me someone already has my user name - yeah, me!!). Anyone have any ideas on what I can do????


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