Sunday, 21 August 2011

A Few Mini's Made... Amber and Poppy too!

The past week i've made a few miniatures, here's a few of what's finished. I also have brooms and mandrakes on the go, though im a bit slow at the moment making them. Once they are done will have a small sale on etsy. I have some trowels and forks in the post so will probably make another mandrake table towards the end of the week.

Fly Argaric Baskets. I've left the mushrooms loose, with 10 mushrooms in each. The baskets measure on average around 2cm in width... the smallest is 1.7cm in width. xxx
These are ginat Pumpkins. The picture below shows them next to my retreat before i painted them. Mixed with the smaller ones they look great and perfect for a garden scene.
Biggest pumpkins measure on average 5.7cm in width x 3.7cm in height. The smallest are on average 3cm in width and 1.7cm in height.The bigger pumpkins are the largest i've gone to date, and they really do look great mixed with the smaller ones, and suitable for 1:12 purposes.

The mandrake table i can not finish until the trowles and forks have arrived in 
the post... hopefully they will arrive in the next few days.

Amber are Poppy are still growing... poppy a little faster than Amber! Have been able to take Poppy for walks this week too now she has had all her vacinations. She is loving it so far, and has even been for a swim. She is carried a lot of the walk but once rested is eager to go again.
You can see in one of the photos she is a little magpie, and collects everything from around the house to store in her basket safe away from Amber.
Amber you can see in one of the photos is wearing a cone which she hated and seemed depressed the whole time it was on. Most of her body was swollen in the early hours of the morning last week and had to take her to an emergency vet for an injection to bring the swelling down. Her eyes were really swollen alongside her nose, and she had been scratching them all night before i turned the light on and realised what was wrong with her. Only took a day to clear up so the cone could come off. She is back to her normal, lively and lovely self again now!

Nikki xxx


  1. Oh, she´s looking so sad...poor cutie.

    The mushrooms are great! Will you put them into etsy?

    Thanks for sharing the photos, they are so sweet...

  2. The mandrake table is gorgeous !!!!!
    The mushroom baskets and the Pumpkins are wonderful!
    Poor little Amber, I understand that she hates it to wearing a cone! But what must be, must be )-:
    Nikki, your dogs are both so incredibly sweet and the pictures are just beautiful. I can see that you love Amber and Poppy very much(-:

  3. love your work as always, cant wait to see the brooms and finished mandrake table.

  4. The mushroom baskets are fantastic! Your work is always so amazing!!! Love the puppy darn cute!!! =)

  5. Lovely photographs! Your dogs looks great and those lovely pumpkin baskets are to die for. They're awesome!

  6. Cute cute cute! Minis and puppies! All cute!

  7. I came here because of the miniatures (just gorgeous), but I fell in love with the dogs :) so adorable, both of them. And the pic with the two sleeping together is just too cute! :)


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