Wednesday, 10 August 2011

New Puppy Poppy, Mandrakes and other bits!

Amber and Poppy in my craft room. These are there own chairs and they sit and watch me while i work.

The first day we had Poppy... she has grown loads since!

I've had to strip all these plants and dig them out. Poppy was chewing everything and was worried some could be poisonous. Its kind of a plus because want to change the garden next year and so now have it totally cleared. Really love this photo!

A Couple of weeks ago we brought home our second Puppy Poppy. She is now almost 12 weeks and has settled in well. She is a Blue Roan Cocker Spaniel and so some her of white areas will turn more grey over time. Poppy and Amber had some serious puppy fights at first but over time this has reduced and now they mostly play and share. Will be able to take Poppy for walks with Amber at the start of next week now she has had her second vaccinations. She's such a cutie and has a nice little character when not squabbling with Amber. Also her curls have started to come in which i just adore!

I've not had too much time for minis but when possible have done a little work here and there. Here's a mandrake table i should complete soon! Since this photo i have added the mandrakes.
Will also be making some in pots, watering cans and similar available for sale soon! Plus plan to make some mandrake pendants and brooches.

I've also bought myself the Retreat Kit, and turning this into a witch style building. I plan to call it Pumpkin Cottage or similar. The kits comes so that it opens from the front but this wasn't suited to my plans so have made it so it opens from the back. So far not done much and can see many hours ahead of me with this.... but promising myself i finish this one.

Normally I'm petrified to go to big with Pumpkins, but now i have the retreat as a guide its made me more confident to go bigger. Here's the start of 5 larger versions to make a pumpkin patch... will have these for sale shortly. Looking at them next to the retreat i think i can go even bigger and perhaps make one with a face too.

Nikki xxx


  1. Nikki, those dogs are adorable! Look at them staring at you! So cute and what wonderful companions for you.

    The building you are working on is quite nice...and so are the new "punkins". Eager to see you newest creations.

  2. You are making me really want another pup Nikki! Wed love another Maremma like Bella, or even an old English Sheepdog. Seeing your 2 together tempts me, although I know its hard work having another pup , but so worth it!
    The Retreat looks fab, and I agree, a huge pumpkin patch would look very cool. Looking forward to seeing more of your hard work soon! Love Kate xxx

  3. Two absolute sweeties!

    Like your mandrake table, can´t wait to see it ready!

  4. Missed you in Miniland, Nikki! Happy to see you working again. Love the Pumpkin Cottage and your bigger pumpkins!

  5. The puppies are so cute together, I adore the pic of the two of them on the chair. :)

    I agree, I think you can go larger with the pumpkins, very nice! :)

  6. OMG soooooooo cute the new puppy ♥♥ I felt in love with him =) haha
    I love all of your minis, I'm sure the house will be fantastic Ü

  7. Hi Nikki!

    I had to laugh when I saw how big Amber has gotten- She looks enormous compared to Poppy! And both are just beautiful! I grew up with a cocker and a golden retriever... So I can appreciate both breeds! I just love the pic of them sitting in the chair! Too cute!

    Also loving your new project! And Yes! You do have to finish this one, lol... We all want to see what you can do! Loving the bigger pumpkins! But I'll always have a special place for your small ones, too- they work so well in my half-scale houses:) Can't wait to see what you come up with next!

    Katie (from Katie's Clay Corner)
    ...blogger wont let me comment. so I'm going to try posting it this way:)

  8. Congrats on your second puppy - they're both absolute cuties. Your new project sounds exciting and very promising - and a pumpkin patch is always a good idea. Who knows, maybe the Great Pumpkin will choose your pumpkin patch next Halloween (Can't deny it - I'm a Peanuts-lover).


  9. Amber and Poppy are beautiful together :) so glad they are getting along now. I love your little witch's retreat, what a great kit. I can't wait to see all the wonderful pumpkins you make for the retreat ;)


  10. I'm enjoying seeing your dog pics Nikki! Especially Poppy. She is adorable!

  11. Amber & Poppy are both adorable :) I still miss our Sam so much :( Nice to see you back in mini land and looking forward to seeing your 'witchy cottage' come together :)

  12. Love your new puppy AND your new house! Two dogs are so much more fun than one. I really enjoy my two dacshunds. They make me smile every day!


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