Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Amber pic and mini's

I don't seem to blog much, i know, but hoping to be a little more active soon. I did have a little splurge on making minis and almost have them ready, but its not much. Going to try and do some work for the rest of the week while i have the creative feeling again, lol.

Forgot to tell you all i went to KDF in May and had a fab day out with a few of the mini ladies here from blogland and facebook. Really was a wonderful day and laughed non stop. A fantastic group of ladies and hope to do it again soon!
I didnt buy much, just a few little bits for some planned mandrakes and potions etc.
We then went out for dinner and drinks with Jain of giddykipper and Julie of bellabelle dolls. Got home really late too.

That's me in the middle, Kat the Hat and Carlanne on my left, and Wendi and Joolz  on my right.

A few new photos of Amber too. Shes a lovely little pup and always on the go, then flops and sleeps again ready for the next round. She really hates walking on a lead, but in the woods loves to walk free without one, she doesn't venture far while off the lead and constantly checks where we are. She makes me laugh all the time and couldn't be without her now, shes just like a child really, lol.
As you can see in one of the photos the kids decided to dress her up in their baby clothes... poor little thing in her bonnet, lol.

Nikki xxx


  1. What fun you are having. Your friends are great good bloggers. I know you had a good time. And your pup is adorable. Mine is 8 months old now and has the energy of 5. Oh well, maybe it'll help me stay active. Thanks for the pics.

  2. fab pics :D and ooooooooooooooooo mandrakes!! cant wait!! :D Linda x

  3. Awwwwww!!! What a cutie!! :D

  4. Nice to put faces to FB friends!!

  5. I Love that picture of you all at KDF and as for Amber she is adorable and I quite understand how she's stolen your heart...xxxx

  6. She is a stunner Nikki. Was great to see you and all the others at KDF. I am really pleased you are making again, Looking forward to seeing your new creations. Will they be on Etsy??? Jain xxxxx

  7. Shes such a beauty and such a deep colour,most labs ive seen are much lighter. Im the same as you, I wonder why I made such a fuss about not wanting a dog for so many years as I love Bella to bits! Really pleased you got your mini mojo back and looking forward to seeing the results! xxx

  8. Your puppy is just gorgeous nikki, I have puppy envey LOL I miss my dog so much but it wouldnt be fair on my cats to get a pup just yet as they are geriatric pussies and like their quiet lives ! one day though we will get another.
    It was lovely to see you at kdf , cant wait to see your new minis
    julie xx

  9. You think you dont blog much, I havnt been about in blogland for a couple of months now!!! I must start doing something about that...
    That was a good day Nikki, we all laughed Soooo much!! :D


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