Sunday, 29 May 2011

Puppy Update!

Thank you for everyones nice comments on the previous post. We have decided to call her Amber.She is so sweet and I'm totally and madly in love with her. The kids are being really good with her too, they play with her all the time and  even clean up after her.  She runs around everywhere like a little lamb and is so full of energy, then all of a sudden flops and sleeps again.
Taking her to the vets on wednesday, im a little worried she looks underweight. I think for 10 weeks she should be a little fuller around the middle. My friend thinks she looks fine but for a puppy thats still young i'm unsure. I dont want her to get fat, so sticking carefuly to the recommended amount of food she should have for her breed and age.
She goes to the toilet outside much more than in, and asks to go out most of the time.
But at night time she cries and cries on her own and we are all far to soft to leave her so she learns. I put her basket on my floor next to the bed and she then sleeps soundly. I think i prefer it that way anyway. Last night all of us were really sad listening to her so up she came. As soon as she saw me she settled, got in her basket and went stright to sleep. I could never leave babies crying either, its just a horrid noise.

I bought a crate for her to sleep in at night, but she hates it. So for now she still has her cardboard box bed. Mind she she loves to chew it so might wait a while to buy her a proper one. 


  1. Nikki try a hot water bottle wrapped up in her bed and also we were told
    to leave a radio on when Sam was a pup and that worked really well

  2. She could steal a few hearts that one.

    Try putting her cardboard box "bed" inside the crate with the door open. She might go in that way.

    I believe that when you have a pet it is to be with them. I think sleeping next to your bed is comforting for everyone.

    Looking forward to her new adventures with your family.

  3. What a face!! How could you not give in... If she settles down when she is near you, then that's where she should be. Still a baby after all. Only one of my dogs was able to be crate trained and his personality is somewhat aloof anyway. The other wanted no part of it. Labs are so intelligent and really easy to train. She will be a wonderful companion for you!

  4. Amber is a beauty - you're blessed with that lovely puppy. And she must be a good character - she plays with teddies... ;O)


  5. Oh, the photo with her cuddling her toy melts my heart!

    I have to crate Sophie when I leave the house and she'll go in it on her own when we're home too but she does sleep with us on our bed :) I can't let her have free range of the house, not telling what condition it would be in when we got home, LOL


  6. What a beautiful name....inspired by her gorgeous coat? Such a sweet little girl :)

  7. Oh, what a cutie is that? Those big eyes!
    And I think she looks just perfect in weight.

    This picture with the teddy is amazing.
    "Don´t you take it away from me..?"

    Such a beauty!

  8. Such an adorable pup! Love her name. She is so beautiful. How could you resist that face! Thanks for sharing your photos. I think her weight looks just right. Labs are such good family dogs. They are still babies even when they get to be 80 pounds!

  9. So precious...she's probably just having doggy nightmares or something. My dog cries sometimes during his sleep. She'll hopefully grow out of it soon.

    Anyway, she doesn't seem underweight to me, she looks like a pretty healthy dog.

    The photo of her cuddling with her toy is SO cute! :)

  10. My Pickle came home in a large dog cage(we had to drive all the way from Cornwall with him) and he has it as his bed. He loves the safety it gives him. I tried several doggy beds but he just prefered his cage. I didn't have him in my bedroom as Dan has allergies but I popped down at night to chat to him and had a few nights on the sofa and then he was fine. He cried for about 3 nights and then only when it thundered. I found a night light helped him and lots of teddybears. Pickle used to sleep with his sisters so I thought the bears would make him feel safe and warm and it worked :-). My friend used a baby monitor so she could hear her pub ha ha! Puppies are so precious just little babies with fur! Have lots of fun XXXXXXXXXXXXX Love Kat and Pickle xxxxxxxxx

  11. Nicky I am sooo behind here but I wanted to say how adorable Amber is. And a perfect name. Hope all is going well with settling her in xxx

  12. The dog was very cute. Also he/she very sweet.. A healthy dog and hug able..


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