Friday, 24 June 2011

Patricks Prom

It's my son Patrick's prom tonight. He will be getting ready at a friends, so had to take these photos this morning.
Along with several friends they have booked a stretch limo to take them to the venue.
Afterwards he's off to a party and wont see him until tomorrow. Hope the prom is wonderful for him, and also the party afterwards.


  1. how cool! I hope he had a good time! :D

  2. Nikki, he is a totally handsome young man. You must be really proud.

  3. A very handsome young man. I loved watching mine go off their proms. Kids dress up so little these days. It's my last prom this week as my youngest son has finished school ......where have the last 19 years gone since I first dropped my eldest son off for his first day?!

  4. He looks very handsome Nikki. They grow up so fast. He looks a lot like you as well.

    I hope he has a wonderful time.

    We never had proms in England when I was at school but it seems more common now. We were lucky to get a crappy school disco lol

  5. Patrick looks well cool!! Hope he has a wonderful time. My Ellie's prom is next week. Will post some pic's on my blog!!!!! Jain x

  6. Your son is a handsome young man. Congratulations! Certainly he will have much fun in this wonderful party. :)

  7. Patrick looks so smart Nikki. Hope they all had a wonderful time last night..xxxx


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