Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Some new little pumpkin pots.

Finished some more little pumpkin pots today. For size reference F measures 2.2cm in height.

All of these apart from two will be available in my etsy shop this coming weekend. One of the pots is for a lady that missed out due to a mistake by myself double listing, and the other is for a friend to pick from. But it still leaves 9 that will be available. Just got to wait which both the ladies prefer then will know what's left.

My candles have not worked this week as planned with the faces. I'll try and have another go in the next few days.
There will also be other pumpkin pots available (not with faces), and 1 of the window shelves with the dirty old curtains dressed for Halloween. Plus hoping to finish lots of other items if i find the time. Will post more photos later in the week.
Last week flew by and didn't get hardly anything made at all. Wish i knew where time went.

I'm taking part in a gift swap for Christmas at the moment and plan to start working on my idea tomorrow. I wish i could show you my drawings and the stages of doing so.
I'll take photos as i go along and final photos too, and will show sometime in December. Keeping everything crossed it works... so exciting!


  1. ...Sigh...I know what you mean about things not always working out. I just tossed a batch of puff pastry (mini) because the color ended up much to dark in the end. I guess I was a little heavy handed with the pastels. For me, it really does help to have the real thing in front of me.

    I love your little punkin pots, as always, and I'd like to add to my collection. If only I can be fast enough on the draw!

  2. They're all so cute Nikki! I love their little chins.... and their pouty lips:)

  3. They are great Nikki good luck with your sales.

    Lorra Luffies

    Debie xxxxxxxxx

  4. What a relief that even highly talented people like you have their difficulties from time to time... I'm curious to see pictures of your described goodies, but please take your time, don't hurry... ;O)


  5. Their all looking good Nikki. Hope the swap idea is coming together. I hope it

  6. These little guys are so lovable!
    Happy mini making, Nikki!!

  7. I cant wait to see the swap too Nikki! As always the posts are so great, proper little characters! Kate xxx

  8. Thank little "K" pot really has MY name on it! :D
    His expression is one that I see in the mirror everyday!

  9. Oh Great! I hope i am fast enough this time hee hee.

    Victoria ♥

  10. These little guys are so amazing! You excel yourself again, Nikki! Hope I can catch one on Etsy so the one I already have gets a little buddy! When you have one in your hand they are so small and so fine structured!
    And also can't wait to see pictures of your idea for the gift swap for christnas... :-)

  11. I love them, I know that I already said to you in other posts, but they have a really funny face.
    By the way I am celebrating two giveaways, just in case you would like to participate.
    Love :)

  12. These are totally cool, love the faces on them. Each one has so much character.

  13. Hi Nikki,

    I really love your stuff.
    They are all so cute and amazing.

    But I think I have to read through your blog to find out why you sell them on, where
    there s not the glance of a chance to be quick enough to get one lol and not for example on an auction, where people decide and buy - last weekend almost spent me a heart attack :-)))))
    Well, you will have your reasons...

    Well, so I will suffer from the distance and
    sigh now and then...

    Have a lot of fun with making them.
    And thanks so much for sharing!
    Of course I will be in the race next weekend :-)

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  15. Hi Dat Bea. Thank you for your nice comments.

    I dont use ebay auctions because i didnt like when an item went to high in price, because it made me feel guilty. I once had some little potion jars and other mini's go far too high and lived for days feeling awful. The week that happened the US dollar was good against the UK Pound (this was around the start of the banking crisis) and buyers from the states were putting in really high bids. Once that happened then week after week everything in my opinion went for too much and once again made me feel guilty.

    So i moved to esty to sell in fixed price format because the fees there are much less than ebay sellig at a fixed price format. Plus i set prices i feel are fair and dont make me feel bad.
    I dont like commission work, not only because i prefer to make on a whim, but because giving a price in a personal manner also made me feel guilty. I know thats daft but when asked to make something i always struggled with a price, almost like feeling as if the person was a friend... again feeling guilty.
    So i make what i can and leave it to everyone to decide if they want to buy and try and keep the prices fair to the time put in.

    Nikki xxx

  16. Hi Nikki,

    sorry I made you think you had to do such a long answer, I did not want you to feel strange. I thought it be something like the too high auction results that made you to do it this way.
    And I really understand your reasons.
    Could be me.

    Maybe I should have explained better.
    Auctions have a fixed price option in Germany as well, and when you commit your buy, you have got it.

    In, you have to put it in the basket, choose an adress, click a lot of times to find out in the end that the item is not longer available. This makes it a lot...exciting lol. I gave up after half an hour - but that is my problem! I will try to get faster (and maybe there is a little trick to do it quicker)

    Beware yourself the liberty not to work on commission. I do doll´s shops and made the mistake to accept orders "just the same as this one" at the last fair - it is awful! I will never do that again!
    It is not half the fun!

    So please excuse me not finding the right words. I did not want to complain, but to explain.

    I have never seen such a run on items like this. And this is just another compliment for you.
    Enjoy it.


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