Friday, 22 October 2010

Christmas candles and two shelves.

I've not really achieved much this week. I've started lots but not as yet managed to finish much. This week i've lacked time and really struggling to be creative. Have a good feeling about next week though... fingers crossed!
I'm hoping to finish some pots this evening

Candles and potions curtain shelf. Really struggled to take good photos of this shelf, in particular the curtains. Please excuse the bad edges where i can not crop away the background. I need to make a bigger prop for taking photos.
This shelf will be in my etsy shop at the weekend

This shelf has already sold, but thought i would still share with you. I have another to fill and will make it similar to this one next week for my esty shop. I think the little pot on the right looks like Pete Doherty from the Libertines, lol.

Ten Christmas Tree decoration I made yesterday (not miniature). They measure between 6cm to 7cm. Ive secured green wire into each base so they can be easily attached to a tree. Will put these in my etsy shop at the weekend too.

I love making tree decorations. Here's a few i made last year for my own tree and as gifts.


  1. Nikki, the shelves look lovely with their Witchy Curtains. Love the Candles, hope your getting on OK with the Christmas Swap Ornament. I spy my little Christmas Puddings in the bottom picture. I adore them and they will be on my tree, every year now..xxxx

  2. Hi Nikki, how long are the curtains? Would they hide a false internal door for example?

  3. The shelves and the curtain look great! The Christmas ornaments are so cute:)

  4. Beautiful work as always Nikki! I really covet those life size candles- going to try and see if I'm fast enough :) They look so realistic- you are an amazing artist ♥

  5. The curtains are amazing, I have no windows in my witches house but like Janice I have a door ! Its lovely to see Christmas candles from you, especially as your not a big Christmas lover lol! Will you be making Christmas themed witchy minis this year, after all our witches need to decorate their houses too! xxx

  6. Oohh...the curtain shelves are sooo wonderful... I'll dream of them this night :-)
    Your real size christmas decoration is also amazing! You have so great ideas! And I'm also asking if you will make witchy christmas minis?

  7. it is definetely Pete - at one of his better mornings :-))))))

    cute stuff Nikki, through the bench.
    I especially like the little tree ornament!

  8. I love the real life candles too, just wonderful.

    Yup, here, here on the witchy Christmas mini's there is a dearth of these about EVERYWHERE! Please make some...err make that lots knowing how popular your work is! lol :o)

    Michelle xxx

  9. Beautifully presented with the curtains, Nikki!

  10. Nikki, your tree ornaments are so cute. They are very special and made with love.

    What should I say to curtain shelfs??? Hmmmmmm ... I WILL ALSO HAVE ONE ... yes, yes, yes!!!And now I have to say it once again: I LOVE YOUR WORK!!! I can not get enough of it.


  11. I love your Christmas candles! Are you going to make more christmas lines? xxx


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