Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Making more little pots!

Had some good news today. My eldest son has been for a few interviews over the last two weeks, and today went for one with Microsoft in London. This is for an apprenticeship which are not easy to get in this area, with the companies interviewing hundreds of young adults and only taking a small percentage of those that apply. But today Microsoft have taken him on and couldn't be happier, not for me but for him. He was so disappointed last week after travelling to Portsmouth for a 6 hour assessment and in depth interview with another large company and was really deflated, but today he's on top of the world! Won't bore you with all the details but its a wonderful opportunity for him.
Try explaining to somebody how to use the tubes; really hard work. I was going to go with him and show how but didn't in the end. I know its daft but i don't half worry!

Today i've been working on more pumpkin pots, and also some more candles with faces.
Forgot to take a photo of the candles so far. I've made the bases for the candles and tomorrow hoping to get on with sculpting their faces, then the following day hoping to get these and the pumpkin pots painted.

I need to start putting little bits by For Kensington when i do the show again next spring. From now on not everything i show will be available for sale through etsy.
It will only be a small amount from everything i show i put away in the kensington box and will continue my etsy sales almost as normal. Because i need to sell in between now and the show i have to start being good and putting part of everything by. Plus i'm a snail so have to start this early, lol.

Off to get on with the pumpkins again!

Nikki xxx


  1. Congrats to your son. It's wonderful to have an opportunity like that! Your pumpkins are as good as ever, that means fabulous! Rosanna

  2. I betcha you're one proud Mum! I know I would be.

    Love seeing the different stages of your pumpkins! You put sooo much work into them:)

  3. Thats great news Nikki for your son and for you so now you dont have to worry about what he will do and finding work! My eldest dosnt have a clue what he wants to do after his GCSE's and its a real worry for us both!

    Really pleased your making more pots and candles, maybe my snail of a PC will grab some next time!! You make so many at a time Im sure thats a great idea to put away a small amount each make for the show. Its a long show in the Spring and alot of your work went in the first day and Im sure your name is even bigger now so there will be lots of buyers there for your minis. I was amazed at how much you made this year and nearly all of it sold so I guess you have lots to do and much better to do it bit by bit than a mad rush ! Kate xx

  4. Enhorabuena a tu hijo, desde luego es una oportunidad muy grande.
    Tus calabazas como siempre son un espectaculo.

    Besitos, May

  5. Congrats to your son, Nikki!It is a good opportunity for him for sure!

  6. p.s ive seen those glass boards in Argos can you bake them in the oven, do you just leave the minis on the board and put in the oven? Kate xxx

  7. Hi Kate. Yes the glass plates i pop straight in the oven. If you get some remove the little clear plastic tabs on the back before putting in the oven. They have been in and out of the oven thousands of times no problem. If you were making something that you didnt want a shine on the part that touches the glass just place half a sheet of A4 inbetween. I use paper when making candles, but make sure you weight i down with say some spoons or something. My oven is fan assisted and if the items are light t can blow the paper off the glass.

  8. Thank you all for your nice comments. Its so hard being a mum and a worrier... just two more kids to get right now, fingers crossed!

  9. Congratulations to Francis, I'm really pleased for him. Wonderful news for you as well Nikki.
    Glad to see your starting to make stuff, to put away for KDF as well. It will come round quicker then you know. I won't forget your labels.. xxxx

  10. Thank you Debbie. Yes, you can be my label lady, lol. They were beautiful last time.
    I'm being good and tomorrow something will hit the show box. I've learned so much since the last show and more confident so will have more of a range of minis and a lot more smaller items too.
    Plus already learning how to count figures, lol.
    Lots of time to improve on last year!

  11. Congrats to Francis Nikki.

    Lovely little pots and a good idea.

    Lorra Luffies

    Debie xxxxxxxxx

  12. Bravo! Tu dois être fière de ton fils! J'espère qu'il va emporter quelques uns de tes pots en citrouille chez Microsoft!

  13. Huge congratulations for your son, I'm so thrilled for him. :o)))

    It a great idea and a wise and sensible one to start making mini's for will help keep the stress levels down too! :o))

    Michelle xxx

  14. ¡Felicidades por esta oportunidad estupenda que ha conseguido tu hijo!
    Veo que estás con una gran producción de ollas de calabaza, aun sin terminar están preciosas.
    Besos Clara

  15. Well done for your son!! And well, done, mum - your kind worrying has paid off! :D

    These pumpkins really bring a smile to my day :)
    It's a good idea to put minis aside out of each group you make - saves so much last minute flurry before a show!

  16. Wonderful news! Your son will have a great job! glad to see you are making more pumpkin pot candles.

    Victoria ♥

  17. Great news for your family - getting an apprenticeship is so difficult now he must have really impressed.

    As they make the move into the 'grown up' stage of their life it is incredibly worrying cos you know they will be having to deal with so many things.
    You are not a worrier but a good mum!

    Glad to hear you are already thinking about Kensington after taking the show by storm last year.

  18. Well done to Francis, I'm so pleased for you all, that's wonderful news :0)
    Great new Pumpkins, Nikki. My little one arrived today, thankyou, he is superb and will live in my new little shop.
    Julia xxxx

  19. Wonderful news about your son, Nikki! I know what it is like to worry...

    Look at all those little punkins in production!

  20. That is great news about your son, he must have really impressed them! Best of luck to him.
    The pumpkins are coming along nicely!

  21. Wonderful news about your sons apprenticeship, he'll be set up for life now, well done to him xxx I love all your pumpkins ♥

  22. Nikki, I am sorry I am late seeing your news - that's fantastic for Francis. Give him our congratulations please. Good to hear you are trying to be more organised with stuff for Kensington show next Spring. Hopefully you won't get yourself as stressed again!! LOL

  23. preciosos sus botes , como el resto de su blog.
    Saludos desde España.

  24. Hi Nikki sorry this is a bit late pc had a hissy fit and refused to do anything I asked!! that is great news and good luck to him for the future:) As for mums worrying do we ever really stop !!!love your latest creations and great idea for kdf. The weeks really do go past quickly. We will just get halloween over, then it will be xmas, then spring will be upon us!!!! lol x Julie

  25. Your creations are so fantastic... how did you get the ideas for those special minis? Every lillte pot-face (in the title picture) seems to tell a story. Amazing!!!

  26. Great news for your son and I love your pumpkin pots.

    I have also passed 3 blog awards on to you, if you would like them visit this page to pick them up xx

  27. Congratulations to your son, and I love the witches pots!


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