Sunday, 24 October 2010

Etsy this evening.

I don't really have anything new or much to list tonight. This week I've just not found the time and Friday i ached all over like i was getting flu and so slept most of the day, then the night, and until noon Saturday. Everyone else in the house has a really bad cold apart from me, but i just ache all over. I've also hurt my hand somehow and have it bandaged up. It's swollen from my thumb area right up to above my wrist and across the top of my hand and fatty area below my thumb. Don't have a clue how this happened and can only guess Ive done something in my sleep, lol. I cant even lift a cup.

Here's what i have available from 9pm UK time.

1 x candle bottle. I somehow didn't list all of these a few weeks ago and have just the 1 left.

Shelf and Curtains.
The curtains measure 22cm in length. The overall height from the tip of the tallest candle to the bottom of the curtains is 25cm.
The width of the shelf is 11.2cm, and the depth is 1.5cm

Fly Argaric mushrooms.
The smallest mushroom measures 1.2cm, the tallest measures 1.4cm.

Cloth top pumpkin pots with leaves. Pot A, D and E measure 1.4cm in height. Pot B and C measure 1.6cm in height.

Pumpkin pots with a face. Pot D and I are not available.
Pot a,b,c,e,f,g,h,j and k are available.
Each pot measures on average around 2.2cm in height.

Ten Christmas Tree Candles. They measure between 6cm to 7cm. I've secured green wire into each base so they can be easily attached to a tree.
These are not miniature.


  1. For a non productive week, you have still managed a fabulous collection of items Nikki.
    Good on you dor taking to your bed. Sometimes that's the only way to make the rest of the family realise you are poorly. Wrap and and take care.

  2. Gosh, I hope you're feeling better soon, Nikki. Take care of that thumb...try a little ice. Need to see back sculpting your amazing things!

  3. I fell asleep on the couch and before i knew it hubs was home from work the staurday morning, but still i fell straight back to sleep and only woke up when the phone rang. Kind of like a coma state, lol.
    I think my hand is playing up because of the way i sleep. I lay on my arms on my front and have tried to stop this life long habit because some days i wake up with really sore arms, lol.
    It could be why my hand is so sore and swollen. Or it could be where i cut my hand between my thumb and forefinger a few years ago and never had the micro surgery on my nerves. I think if you dont get the nerves reconected they grow and multiply, then multiply some more and then you get pain... not sure! I know i find it hard to write for a long time because my arm and hand tighten.
    Its all a mystery and hate the doctors so not going there!

  4. Oh Nikki! Wish your thumb would behave! It is so hard to craft when you hurt your hands, huh!

    Love all the goodies you have to go up on Etsy this evening. :) I can't wait to see if I can snag something for myself:)

  5. Nikki you should have postponed putting on your etsy goodies til you feel better, its not like its easy listing , packing, etc! You take it easy, Id go back to bed if I was you!!! Beautiful minis and love those candles! Kate xxx

  6. So sorry to hear that your hand hurts and you are sick too! Take good care of yourself.
    I'm hoping to get the "K" pumpkin pot tonight! I does have MY name on it, you know. :D

  7. Me too, I'm so sorry you hurt your hand and don't feel well! I admire your work and talent and also your strength even if you are busy or felling sick! But please take care of yourself and take your time to convalescing :-)

  8. Hope your feeling better soon Nikki, take it easy and relax in front of the tv, X-Factor tonight. Love all your wonderful minis.
    I have left a message for you in Etsy :)
    Julia xx

  9. I just popped over to Etsy. Did I miss the sale????? I thought FOR SURE I had figured out that it was at 4pm my time. UGH!!!! So disappointed.

  10. Oh Kathi, i listed straight on 9pm here. So sorry you missed out.
    I think i'll have a break from these pots for a while but will make again in the future. I have a few to finish and some teapots then will move onto something else. I might slip in the odd pumpkin but not pots for a while.
    I can check on my mobile what time 9pm here is over there if you like incase you are interested in anything in the future.
    Nikki xxx

  11. These are all so amazing!! I especially looove the pumpkins♥
    Hope your hand feels better...


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  14. Your miniatures are amazing! So much detail! Keep up the good work!

  15. I loved those mushrooms! They're so adorable! :)

  16. I really LOVE your site! Especially the little pumpkin faces! How do you do it so professionally? I have just gotten into blogging and would really love for you to stop by my blog and offer some tips on making it better. Please look at my dollhouses and offer some tips on those too! Look forward to hearing from you!


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