Sunday, 19 September 2010

Halloween minis almost ready for etsy

On Tuesday evening and probably Friday too i will be listing some Halloween mini's. The same day i'll post individual pictures here and further detail
Some of these still need little bits doing, such as eyes and a bit more painting, so don't look too close.

I'm also working on some other ideas and plan on making some teapots suitable for Halloween. Just need to think up ideas for those. The pumpkin candles i really love and hopefully will have more of those ready soon. Two of the curtains sets are going to be filled with candles and available this week, the other I'm keeping by while i think what to do with it.
Here's a picture of some planned bottles. Ive so far made ten of the candle bottles and really pleased with them. Working on the others and finding out which work and which don't at the moment.

At the moment i have so much clay that i don't know what to do with it all. Ideas for small items made from clay are ever so welcome.
I'm trying to build up lots of small items for kensington while still selling some o etsy, and its great to know what buyers are looking for and like. I'm not doing the Christmas show this year, but will be there for the three day show next May and then Christmas 2011. Seems ages preparing for May, but need to start putting by and thinking up what to make.

Nikki xxx


  1. These are truly fabulous! I love the skeleton bottle and I hope you make lots..maybe a set of 3 in different sizes?

    I love the new ideas that you have sketched too. :o)

    I'm not good with ideas at the moment, my head is full of all sorts.

    Michelle xxx

  2. My fav is the skeleton bottle too! And I can't wait to see the troll foot pot!

    Ideas? I don't know, you always surprise me with something that makes me think "that should have been obvious!" and you make it so well!!!

  3. Lovely stuff you made, mmm pumpkin witch hat ,like the toadstool and dragon-eye hat? batty bottle, bottle with bat wings around the bottle, skull with dripping candles on the head, horn with a dripping candle in it, jellyfish, octopus-pot,mmm ppff running out of ideas at the moment, 'cause I'm to busy for the fair at Ahoy, Holland next month.
    good luck!


  4. Todo, todo está perfecto. Las teteras calabazas son preciosas y las velas muy reales. Me gusta mucho tu trabajo.
    Besos Clara

  5. Totally beautiful again! I too love the skele one, I have a nightmare before Christmas project going on so he would be perfect, so hope your making more of those as I never seem to win anything lately , my PC is so slow! Adore the candle bottles too, and all the candles, well just about everything really!! I love the troll foot idea. do you have a tutorial on your blog anywhere Nikki for making the marble bottles or does Debie, Id love to try some for my own house as I know I wont be lucky on winning yours!Kate xxx

  6. Oh love the new collection! The bottles are so cool! The projects look great!
    (I emailed you yesterday - hope you've got it?:))

  7. These are all great Nikki but my fave has to be the candle bottles. Good luck with your Etsy.

    Lorra Luffies

    Debie xxxxx

  8. Great new collection Nikki.

    Ideas....mmmmm. Well not new but we are always craving for your mandrakes.

    false doors for fairies, goblins, mice and people. I can never find interior false doors, cages - empty and full, shoes, boots, mirrors, picture frames - empty and full, dinner sets, frogs, toads, prams, exotic vegetables and fruit......oh, sets of price labels for spooky shops, halloween tree decorations

    as you can see I have been searching the internet recently without a lot of luck!

  9. Wow! What killer stuff!!! You do such a great job Nikki! I especially love the skull potion bottle, and OMG, did you give some of the candles little faces???? I love it!

  10. Great creations Nikki. Love the Skele Bottle reminds me of Jack the Pumpkin King, in Nightmare before Christmas..
    The Candle bottles are really nice as

  11. Great work, shame you do not celebrate Halloween in Italy ...

  12. Wow Nikki you've been working hard! Totally adore the teapots! What character. What detail. You are THE master of all things tiny and Witchy!

  13. OMG I love that spooky jar very Tim Burton! teapots are so cool!


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