Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Treats, gifts and birthday presents!

It's been ages since my birthday and have kept meaning to take photos ever since. Found the time today.

My lovely husbands present was face cream, eye creams, cleansers and scrubs etc, plus a day of being pampered, and actually walking around craft, beauty and book shops with me, followed by my favourite carrot cake.

Found this pic online somewhere, seemed suitable for the face creams, lol.

More pictures to follow - stlll having blogger and comp problems.
Having to add bit by bit

My friend Lisa from the States sent me the biggest parcel ever full of mixed craft materials for my birthday. Then a few days later the beautiful sculpting set arrived.
The parcel arrived a few days before my birthday and decided to wait until the day.
Opening the parcel was like Christmas morning as a child, and Patrick my middle son whom is ever so nosey joined in. It was so exciting not knowing what was to be found! Patrick had no patience and did so in a hurry, while i was carefully looking at everything... in amazement!
I'm still in shock at how much Lisa sent and love everything! Thank you so much Lisa for your friendship and kind heart. xxx
I don't think I'll ever run out of clay in a whole life time now!
Lisa makes the table runners and i now have 3 in my collection. This ones for christmas and love it! I wish i had these skills!

Gifts from Michelle at
Michelle put this package together for me towards the hat tables i love to make, plus some fibres for felting too. Michelle you are such a treasure and thank you so much! xxx There is nothing i can not use and love everything!

Gifts from NickyCC at
I met Nicky at Miniatura over a year ago, and only recently have been chatting through Facebook. Nicky is so lovely and one of the nicest people i've ever met. So happy she is now a friend too.
The merino woll is beautiful and so soft. I've already used some to make mini blankets. There should also be a blue one in the picture but forgot it was in my felting box while taking the photo.
The little birds are so cute ad will go in my witch house... one day i will owrk on it again.

Gifts from my dear friend Kat the Hat. The mannequin is beautiful and has inspired me to make some witch and fairy clothes. Spent a lot of time recently looking at fashion and fairy couture, and have some wonderful ideas in my head. Just hope what's in there works!
Thank you so much Kat! xxx

Treats to myself from some birthday money!

My old sewing machine broke, and can not be fixed, so treated myself to a basic machine in hobbycraft. They are half price there at the moment for £20 and there were loads left last time i visited the shop.
Its ever so basic and does just the one running stitch but perfect for mini sewing. Plus its nice and compact and not heavy.
Really doesn't look much, but it sews like a dream, although a little slower than a good quality machine. Its perfect for my minimal sewing needs and pleased with it.
Bought lots of new brushes, inks, clay, materials, dyes and even some cards. Hoping to make some Halloween cards with mini decorations attached.

Treated myself to this beautiful fairy tea set by Lory at


  1. WOW fab new materials! I buy most of my craft stuff from Hobby Craft, though The Range is heaps cheaper (for the same item) and I go there more now.

    I love the mini sewing machine, it takes so little room up too and even one such as I (who hates sewing) would be willing to use that! ;o)) Hmm...might have to pop to my local one! lol

    When will be listing on Etsy?

    Michelle xxx

  2. What a great haul Nikki! I bet you had so much fun opening all these parcels, like a crafter's Aladdin's cave! You will certainly be busy!

    Your hubby's presents are ideal too, all sorts of things you can use but I bet you never buy for Yourself.

    I love Lory's work too and have indulged lately!

    So pleased you had a lovely day!

  3. Lisa's parcel must have been humongous and weighed a ton! I would have been sooo thrilled to receive so many wonderful things from so many peeps Nikki...I'm sure that you were brimming from ear to ear! :o)

    Who gave you that photo of me taken first thing in the morning?! :oP lol You know no amount of face cream would help a face like that! lol :o))))

    Looks like you had a wonderful...week! :o))

    Michelle xxxxx

  4. WOW...look at all that stuff! What a happy birthday girl you must have been. This should keep you busy for a while.... lol!

  5. Wonderful presents Nikki. I know how excited you was to get that stash from

  6. Oh what loverly loot!!
    Wow - it's so good to have a big stash to call on when the creative muse hits :)))

  7. Cuantos regalos y cuantos materiales, es comprensible que estes tan contenta.
    Felicidde con retraso.
    Besitos, May

  8. I dont think Ive ever seen so many birthday goodies, lucky lucky you! All wonderful and so useful for your projects , youll have great fun using it all Im sure. Must have been exciting opening it all. Im useless at sewing maybe even I could make use of a diddy machine like that!

  9. I am so behind I missed it was your birthday :-(

    Looks like you had a most wonderful one though...look at all those pressies....crafting heaven lol.

  10. Wow Nikki you made out like a bandit :)!! That is a beautiful set of sculpting tools you got!


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