Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Unable to list on etsy this evening.

This evening i will not be able to list on etsy as promised.
My laptop is playing up and can not guarantee I'll be able to keep an internet conection. My son is going to sort this for me today and possibly tomorrow, so will now list on Thursday evening instead.
Sorry about this but can't be helped. My computer is also jam packed and really struggling so its off to his bedroom for a revamp, lol.
Fingers crossed Thursday will be ok.

Nikki xxx


  1. Wish I had someone at home so good with the PC Nicky, my laptop is so slow and the main PC just dying! When I try and buy on etsy quickly that flippin timer just goes round and round laughing at me! Hope you sort it all. Kate xxx

  2. Don't it get on your nerves, always happens when you want to do something. Thankfully, Ben managed to sort out my PC and it hasn't crashed since. (touching wood as I say that). Hope it's sorted soon

  3. You are lucky to have a techy at home Nikki. My children are useless! The delay suits me as I will be watching Arsenal tonight and it's never a good idea to mix shopping with football. Watching your team lose can result in very strange purchases!!

    Look forward to your Etsy night as and when. Glad to hear you are planning to do Kensington next June. I think you are wise to avoid the Xmas one it was a mad house last year.

  4. PC problems are always a pain in the bum! I can normally sort myself out and I often have a spring clean and make sure everything is zippy! lol

    Hopefully your son can sort you out, the delay suits me just fine. :o))

    Many thanks for your email. ;o)
    Michelle xxxx


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