Monday, 9 August 2010

Some minis for Etsy tomorrow.

Just a few pictures of minis i'll be listing on etsy tomorrow evening (Tuesday)8pm Uk time.
I'll pop back later and keep adding more pics as i take and edit them all.
Also some pics of the hat table i'm still working on. Just a few finishing touches are needed to the table top and then need to work on the bottom shelf and add patterns, material, and other hat making mini's. Really pleased with it and the colour. Wish i could take a better photo so you can see what i see... these always make me smile and i can't help but spend to much time looking at it.

I've taken the photos in a box that has mirrors on the inside. Doreen from small wonders let me use the box to cover for my table at kensington. I was in such a rush to pack up when the show was finished and forgot to give the box back. I'm not sure if its purpose is intented for taking photos or not, but i think using it today has improved the quility of my photos. Maybe its just a room box but it just kept saying photo box, lol. Ive been playing around with the white balance too on my camera and hoping this has improved my photos somewhat.

Dragonfly Wings. Height 2.5 cm.

Set of 3 potions. Small bottles 1.8cm in height to top of cork. Tall bottle 2.5cm to top of cork.

Tiny little hanging bottles. I've filled these with gold and have created them to be alchemy bottles. Ive also made some copper versions of these... pics to follow.
1.5 cm height.

Copper filled Alchemy bottles. 1.5 cm height.

Dragon set A. The vial of blood measures 1.7cm in height to the top of the cork. The rolled scroll measures 4.5cm

Dragon Set B. The vial of blood measures 1.7cm in height to the top of the cork. The rolled scroll measures 4.2cm

Unicorn Horns. I've made the horns bigger than previous potion bottles. I'm also going to be selling some horns that are a bit smaller on their own.
The jar measures 4.2cm in height.

Plant your own Fly Argarics. These are not tiny mushrooms and would ideally suit a fairy house. The smallest measures 1.6cm in height and 0.7cm in width. The biggest measures 3cm in height and 1cm in width.
The height of each will be reduced once you plant in your garden or pot. I've mixed a mould maker into the clay for the stem. This will prevent any clay breakage and keep the stems strong.

I loved these potions but sadly the resin has seperated away from the sides and so will be selling these reduced as seconds now. They're still lovely but it's just a shame this happened.
D, E and F are 2.2cm in height. A, B, C, G, and H measure 2.4cm.

Need to work on the bottom shelf still. These tables take a lot longer than most ive made in the past. I spend hours just playing around and selecting the right colours, materials etc. Ive had to dye most of the threads and material myself to get the right colours and tones.

Tiny poison bottle. 1.7 cm to the top of the cork.

Fairy Papers. The glass tooth fairy jar measures 1.2cm in height. The vial of fairy dust measures 1.8cm to the top of the cork. The over length of the papers spread out is 6.8 cm.

Unicorn Horns in sets of 5. Each horn measures around 2.5cm to 3.2cm.

Fly aragaric pots. Set A. I think these would look lovely on a shelf or in a cupboard etc. The tallest measures 4cm, the smallest 3cm in height.

Fly argaric pots. Set B. The tallest measures 3.5 cm, the smallest 3.2 cm in height.

Bubbling Caildron. 1.4cm in height and 2.1 cm in width.

Botanical potion. Set of 3. 1.5cm in height.

Howls bottle. 1.8cm in height.

Butterfly jars. A measures 1.7 cm. B measures 2.3cm. C measures 1.7cm

Phoenix Tears. 1.4cm in height.

Beetle Dust. 1.5cm.

Moonstone. 2cm in height.

Fly Argaric Potion Jar (A) 1.9cm in height

Fly Argaric Potion Jar (B) 2.4 cm in height.

Bones Jar. 1.9cm in height.


  1. Oh wow! I just loove everything! Hope to hunt something if I am lucky and fast of course!:) The table is just amazing!Everything is so perfect on it, the colours are great! I wish I could at least one bottle of each kind you showed us here! Have no doubt everything will sell easly!

  2. Love the table,it is so perfect with all the colours and different details you have made!Jeannette

  3. What a shame about the resin? Never mind, they still look fab! :o))

    I love the new sewing table...wonderful mixture of colours and textures, I love the hat too! Hmm I am biased though, I still love the original that you made! :o)

    Michelle xx

  4. Fantastic as usual - and even the potions look alright for me... ;O) The table is unbelievable, spectacular colours.

  5. Wonderful minis Nikki, I adore the table, the colours are magical. Love the new jar toppings too, looks like gauze ? we used this on Emilys bottles and it looks great, very rustic.Hope we can be lucky this time , Kate xx

  6. Looking forward to the rush Nikki!

  7. Amazing as always, Nikki. I have my eye on a couple of items, hope my fingers will be quick enough tonight lol. Love your new jar tops xxxx

  8. As usual Nikki, Your minis are Amazing! I LOVE, LOVE the drangonfly wings in the jars!


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