Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Reminder of my sale tonight.

Just a reminder i'm listing some minis on etsy this evening 9pm UK time.
On the post below i've now added measurements and further details to each item, plus further photos of items for sale.
It takes me roughly an hour to list this amount of minis, so should hopefully be finished around 10pm.
I'm also just on my way over to Etsy to reduce my tree chair. I loved making this chair but it's proving hard to sell, hopefully reducing it will help.
Here's my etsy link


  1. Those tiny butterflies are perfect Nikki! I can't imagine how you're able to make those.

  2. I still think the Resin potions are lovely Nikki, Love the colours.Good Luck with your Sales this

  3. Wow, what a beautuful butterflies in a glas you have made, I like them!

    Greetings Jody.

  4. Te han quedado preciosas. Has tenido muy buena idea.
    Besitos May


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