Sunday, 1 August 2010

Making mini's at last!

Finally i have the mini bug back. It's only taken me about six plus weeks to find!
Last night and today i've been making potions and some other little items. Plus i started a new hat making table. Loads to do to the table still and this one is going to have an under shelf with material and hat boxes.
All that's here needs little bits and bobs still. Will also be making lots of other small items this week... hopefully, and more potions. Will let you know when they are available for sale on etsy.
The liquid filled potions are resin. I forget the names of the real insect wings in the dragonfly jars. Debie from piskies sent the wings to me some time ago, but sadly these are the last of them. The pumpkin is for Ira. I promised her one ages ago and finally its almost ready.
Sorry if im not prompt with emails at the moment. Ive not been well for quite some time and struggle to focus on answering them. But i am feeling ok at the moment and will work my way through them this week hopefully.


  1. Oh wow!!! Can I already make a reservation for these cool potion bottles? ;D They are great!And the hat making table is already looking so good! Can't wait to see them on your Etsy shop - althought probably will be too slow as usual ;D

  2. I LOVE the new batch of potion bottles, just fabulous...I love everything I can see!

    Good to know that you are feeling a little better and lets hope it continues! :o))

    Michelle xxx

  3. Well you've been a busy girl! Everything thing looks usual. I like the Vampire Hunter books...I think that's what that is anyway. Your new potion bottles are great... new shape?

    For artists, I think it is a good idea to sometimes step away and do something different/new. Good for the body, mind and soul. I am glad you are feeling more like your old self.


  4. I love those potion bottles!!! They are fabulous. Like is my sleeping pumping, love him :) And that hat table will be fabulous :) And as you're making some minies like a machine again, just an idea - all the books are always vampire hunter books, you wouldn't come up with some idea for a book for a vampire to read? I've been unsuccesfully trying to find some stuff for my vampire room which is going to be quite stylish, but all the books are for killing the vamps - he doesn't want to read them :D

    Can't wait those minies to be in Etsy, have to practice my "commit to buy"-move on the keyboard :D

  5. Hope the minis are working magic for you, Nikki, 'cause they sure are with us!!
    Loooove the potion bottle covers - brilliant!
    xxx Glenda

  6. Glad to hear your mini mojo has returned Nikki. It never hurts to step away for a while and you have been enjoying your felting so the time has not been wasted.

  7. It's good to hear you've got that ol' mini bug back... ;O) Everything you've shown us is terrific, I wouldn't be able to point out one thing, they're all fantastic.

    Greetings from Germany

  8. Great to see so many wonderful Minis Nikki. I know the feeling Ive just not got any enthusiasm at the moment but Ive decided to stop beating myself up about it and wait until the will to make minis returns! Your love of minis shines through in this new work, love the shape of those new bottles, and of course the hat table, they are my fav pieces! Hope you just feel better and better, Love Kate xxx

  9. I am so glad that you and your minis has came back! :)

  10. Cicada wings... I think thats maybe what my Twinikins sent you? I have some here too.... somewhere, I shall hunt them out for you if you want some more as I doubt I'll get around to using them when I forgot I have them & dont even know where they are!!! LOL its good to see you mini-ing again x

  11. Glad to see that after our chin wag the other day, you are back to the minis. The new potion bottles look fabulous Nikki. Love the Colours. xxxx

  12. Ditto with everyone else! I missed seeing your minis and love everything your making! I really like those box/basket things!

  13. Great to see you back doing your miniatures and also feeling a bit better.Your new lines are looking great :-)I think it's good to have little pockets of rest in between making miniatures. If nothing else so you can spend some time on yourself! That's why I like making my little hats when I get fed up making Witches hats I can do hats from different periods of history or fantasy. Makes it more interesting. Well talking if which I better pack up for the night making lots of silk roses. Sold my first period hat today so very pleased :-)take care Nikki lots of love from Kat, Dan and Pickle the dog xxxxxxxxxxx

  14. Glad you are back in the swing of things...I know how we need a rest from it all sometimes...hence my new art lol.

    Hope you are feeling much better soon xxx

    I love the idea of a book for vampires to read by the way :-)

  15. Love all your work Nikki! It is always such a delight to look at. Sorry to hear that you have been ill. Glad to see you're getting back on your feet and returning to the mini's. It is something you are really good at!


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