Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Thank you and why all the payments.

Thank you to everyone for shopping with me this evening.

I've kept meaning to say for so long why everyone who purchases more than one item has to make multiple payments at paypal.
Because you commit to buy to secure an item it means you have gone past the basket stage, and so this means you have to make multiple payments.
If you were shopping at a leisurely pace the items would all be in your basket and then you would continue and then commit to buy. But because some items go fast everyone commits instantly (to stops other buying) and so this causes the multiple payment problem.
For quite some time i couldnt fathom out why everyone was making multiple payments until Michelle from Michelles Mad world explained why. So sorry this happens and hope you understand its not because i dont have the shop set up right.
There isnt a way around this, nor can i send a multiple invoice through etsy because there isn't that funtion there. It must be annoying when making numerous payments.


  1. I think everyone is frightened of losing their precious items at the last hurdle. I for one only breath a sigh of 'Yes, I got it' when I have actually paid! But of course this means multiple payments! I was pipped at the post for loads tonight, but did manage to get 2 nice pieces for Gertie's cottage :0) But what happened to the hat making table, I waited all night!! Did I miss it? Ah well, next time!
    Well done Nikki for a fab night :0)
    Julia xxxx

  2. Hi Julia

    Oh the hat making table did not go on etsy. I need to work on the bottom shelf too.
    I was asked by a lady in May after kensington if i would make one and have been working on it for her. Im hoping to have it finished this weekend.
    If you are interested i will be making more but i cant say exactly when. Im terrible for making on a whim as you know. But i love these tables and they are the only item i dont mind taking on as commission work.
    Will post pics here when finished of this table.

    Nikki xxx

  3. My,my did wonderfully again! I, as usual, didn't watch the clock and totally missed out again. Bummer.... But I am sure you'll be whipping up somemore and I'll just have to be more vigilant. I know what you mean about commissions, though. Sometimes you just love making a certain thing and other things are a chore. I am so glad you've returned to mini making! I could use some old relics for Prof. Pimm's study....


  4. Everything you wrote is true! Your great minies are gone so fast one just has to "commit to buy" to be sure one's got it!:) I was lucky to buy a few items this time(yes yes multiple paying ;)) but later my laptop decided it had enough and went to slow working so I could only watch the little colourfull bottles and butterfly flying away ;)Pity the Paypal button on your blog didn't work out.;) On the other hand buying in your shop is like the bungee jumping - so much adrenaline!;D

  5. Hey I live in new zealand so I get up early to be part of your auction but it has usually sold before it even reaches our screen here in New Zealand. Must be the time delay never mind better luck next time . I would also love one of your witches table .regards Michelle

  6. I missed all these Nikki - in bed with migraine!! Boo hoo! Next time though.

  7. I had to sit and watch it all go too Nikki, laptop was soooooo rediculously slow! When I do get a chance I always have to choose then pay for your items individually or they are just gone! Congrats to everyone you got the goodies, I will just sit and enjoy everyones posts on what they do with it all! Like Julia I did look out for the hat making table, it was so my colours . Now you have all the packing and sending to do, not the fun part for you I bet but I hope you treat yourself to something with your earnings, now that IS the fun bit! Love Kate xxx

  8. Your items are lovely. I can't believe they sold so fast! I missed out of course. Next time I'll keep a better eye on the clock and time zones!


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