Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Miniature wet felting.

Decided to have a go, and see if wet felting in miniature is possible... yey, it is, lol!!! These are blankets (witch style).
The green one measures 21cm x 16cm. I don't have a 1:12 bed so it's kind of been a guessing game with size. I've made them both so the top ends can be folded over.
The orange spiderweb blanket measures 20cm x 15cm.
They are both ever so soft, fold well and i think will make lovely items for my etsy shop.
Just got to think up other ideas and colours etc, maybe some pillows too.
I love felting and minis, so being able to combine the two is brilliant!

What do you think of the size?

Photos taken under bad lighting. Will replace the pic with a better one in the morning.
Lord have you seen the time? Should get to bed, lol.

If you are wondering how i made these then refer back to previous wet felting posts.


  1. Nikki these are amazing!!! They just look soooo warm and cozy!

  2. They look so cozy! Love the colours and patterns!:)

  3. Parecen muy calentitas. ¡Bien por tus experimentos!
    Besos Clara.

  4. I have a patchwork quilt for a 1/12th bed that measures about 15.1cm x 12.4cm but it is only for the upper side of the bed (does not "hang" to the four sides)
    Well this is for sure my worst English but I do not how to explain better...LOL

    I love your blankets, is you to mix both hobbies...I am thinking on the same about some techniques that I use in my necklaces... :)

    Today is my third dy of summer holiday...Yepeee!! :) :)
    Un beso my dear

  5. I love these Nikki they are great. Have you thought of adding bits of other fibres to the felt or doing a mini nuno felted blanket. I was up too but researching boring stuff LOL.

    Lorra Luffies

    Debie xxxxxxxxx

  6. This is a fab idea Nikki to combine your hobbies and I love them both. I think little mini pillows would make them the perfect sets . My witches both have beds in need of bedding so Ill definatly be keeping my eyes out for your felting bedsets!! Kate xxx

  7. They are wonderfull, I think they will be sold in no time! Funny you can have both your favourite hobby's in one now

  8. Woo hoo! I love these! You could do then in all sorts of colours too! Dark red and bright red too and even dark and mixed muted colours which I am a lover of. :o))

    Michelle xxx

  9. Looking good. What about cushions and rugs too? I don't know how flexible the material is but shoes, cloaks and bags come to mind.
    Impossible to buy cloaks.
    Oh and don't forget hats!!

  10. Ooh..cloaks would be nice. I've discovered that almost anyting that can be done BIG can be done little. Nice job on these blankies!

  11. I love these blankies I just wish I was small enough to sleep in them :-)

  12. I have a award for you!
    Details on my blog.

    Rianne XXX

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  14. These are great! Love the spiderweb one a lot :)
    I found this link to an etsy shop today and thought you could perhaps try felting flowers because you are very talented at felting, and might enjoy it!


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