Monday, 23 August 2010


Thank you all for your encouraging comments in the previous two posts. Also thank you for the award which made my day. Tomorrow i'll create a blog post about the award and pass on to other bloggers.

Yesterday i spent hours upon hours painting dots on mushrooms. Have to wear two pairs of glasses to do so. I cant work under a magnifying glass and so look daft with the two pairs.
Not getting a lot done as usual, especially with the school summer holidays. They are back to school in 12 days... yey!

These fly argarics are not 1:12 scale. The tallest measures 6.7cm and the smallest 3cm.
They could be used for fairy houses that are totally out of scale, or in some sort of whimsical setting where size and scale are not important.
Will have these in my etsy shop later this week.

Fly aragaroc potion boards and tiny teeny little baskets. Will have these in my etsy shop later this week.

3 sets of fly argarics. These are plant your own mushrooms and the height wil be reduced once planted in your own pots, garden. There are 8 in each set.
Going to try and make other colour variations of these this week if i get time.

Think i'll turn these tray in to skelegrow potions.

Also working on the shelves for the three curtains. Hopefully will have these for sale later this week.


  1. Great job!The mushrooms basket are so lovely!
    I'm felt in love!Fantastic!

  2. I love mushrooms, please make just lose mushrooms or just a basket or box full of them too. ;o)) I'd love to see some differently coloured ones too.

    I now have to wear glasses..I need them for reading, looking at a pc and distance! So I have one pair of glasses for all. All my Mum keeps saying is how have I been seeing! lol I think it's all the close work that I have been doing...hmm mini work! ;o)

    Michelle xxx

  3. Wow Nikki you've been one busy little bee! That is some impressive collection of new work you have going.

    I'm fortunate in that I don't need glasses for reading or close detail work. Just for driving.

  4. Thank you all!

    I'd love not to have to wear glasses. Im as blind as a bat without them. I need a new prescription but cant afford it at the moment hence the two pairs for extra close work. My optician tells me off for doing this.
    I have to pay extra to have really thick lenses made thinner so i dont end up with goggly eyes and a dent from the weight on my nose, lol.

    Michelle, they will just get worse and worse now. I dont know if mini making makes them worse or not.

    Brian, you are so lucky to have good eyesight. I hate glasses especially when reading in bed because they dig in. I wonder if you can get special glasses for reading in bed with no arms?

  5. Nikki,

    I had to pay extra to have my lenses made thinner too! I didn't want bottle tops for lenses! lol My left eye is useless and as blind as a bat, good job my right eye is better! lol

    Too much mini work can be bad for ones health?! lol

    You want glasses for reading like some old dears used to wear years ago...the ones the just perch on the end of your nose?! :o))

    Michelle xxx

  6. I love everything on your site! so creative and inspiring, just letting you know you have another follower now!

  7. Una foto de tí con esas dos gafas estaría divertido verla aqui en tu blog :)
    Estas setas de decoración de jardín son monísimas. Tu dices que no te ha cundido pero yo veo que has hecho muchas y bien.
    Las cortinas están cada día más tétricas.
    Besos Clara.

  8. Great mushrooms!Can't wait to see these trays with skelegrow potion!
    Nikki couldn't you change the glasses into lenses? I know not everybody can wear them but they never are as thick as glasses.;)

  9. Such wonderful mushrooms, I have a thing for them too Nikki! The baskets are lovely, like the witch has just gone into the forest and picked them ripe for her potion recipies! The tall ones are great. Looks like lots of great new minis for Etsy coming up, must get this laptop to go faster to win something! Kate xxx

  10. Hi Greengriffin. Ill pop to your blog laer this evening.

    Thank you Clara. Im going to have to work on making the curtais more gloomy, lol.
    I take terrible pics, lol especially with two pairs on, lol.

    Ewa, i am not sure what you mean about the glasses? Will have the skelgrows finished this evening hopefully.

    Kate, i want to try and make the dots on mushrooms more realistic. Ive tried all sorts and nothing works. I paint them on with acrylic and have tried mixing all sort into the paint to make the dots more raised and lumpy.

  11. Nikki Ive seen some people actually use small grated off pre cooked white fimo onto the mushrooms to get that textured effect instead of paint? Kate xx

  12. Looking good Nikki.
    I have had to wear reading glasses for a while now and I just buy them from anywhere I see them. They are really cheap and might do as a sort of magnifying glass just for minis?

  13. I thought that was what you meant Janice.
    I cant use them because my two eyes work in opposite directions and both go out to the side, so need glasses on prescription to keep them focussed, lol.
    If i see you at a show ill show you them go sideways lol.
    Eve with the glasses i have they still do it so trying to focus tires me out... its terrible, lol.
    Its a wonder i actually make any minis.

  14. Loving your mushrooms Nikki! But I always have! Like how there on longer stalks....Wouldn't it be neat just to do a mushroom meadow?:)

    I with ya'll in the glasses department, have had them since I was a child. I can see up close fine, but anything more than a foot away from my nose, and forget it....I have to get the lenses thinned down too! My grandmother was almost completly blind when she passed away.........And she still painted! She had this magnifying sheet of glass that sat a couple inches away from what she was working on.....And so many of us, did it because it was her life. Without 'Art' we wouldn't be who we are:) So....Here's to going blind together, with out paint brushes in our hands:) ((And I mean that in the best of ways:))

  15. Lol Katie, i like that!!! Opticians tell me to excercise my eyes and focus on an object until its goes from vision and then refocus but still they get worse.
    We shall go blind together i reckon then.
    Love your dryer art, its really fab and love the layers. My dryer doesnt collect like that and gutted i too can't make some. I didnt read the text so i could guess, but would never have worked it out unless i gave in and carried on reading.... its beautiful!
    You should collect it more often and frame for your laundry area... would look great behind glass.

  16. Beautiful work, your mushrooms are really lovely.

  17. N me extraña que te dejaras los ojos pintando las setas.
    Has hecho muchisimas y estan geniales.
    Pocos consejos puedo darte para la vista, pues las gafas ya son una continuación de mis ojos.
    Besitos, May

  18. Oh I can just picture you with the double glasses, painting the tiny dots. Bet you look adorable! The mushrooms sure do. Always enjoy seeing your work. You are a complete delight!


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