Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Millinery Table Complete

Finally i finished the millinery table last night. It's sold already and will be off to its new home tomorrow.
As usual the ligthing is not too great today and have struggled to get sharp photos.
Hope you like it as much as i do. I love making these tables, even though they take me longer than anything else i make they are such fun to work on.
I'm not a pink person but happy i based this around pink and sunset tones.


  1. This piece is spectacular Nikki, Id sooooo love one myself, I adore the colours. The lower shelf idea worked really well, its so stacked to the brim with goodies. You can tell you love doing this style, are you sure you wouldnt like to dress my mad hatter hat table for me , youd do it so well lol!!! Lucky lucky owner, will we get to see it in its new home at all? Kate xxx

  2. Nikki, it is absolutely beautiful. Your Customer is going to be thrilled with it. Love all the colours..xxxx

  3. I LOVE your work, Nikki - you are an inspiration to this 'old witch'!

  4. I don't think the lady has a blog... i'll check with her later this evening.
    As usual i'm not happy with the photos and wish i could make the table look exactly how i see it minus my bad photography.

    Kate if you study my table you could do this too. Its not hard but it does take a lot of time and almost every drawer pulled out to make, plus lots of waiting for things to dry etc. I spent about an hour a day for a week or two making this. Do you have the images for sewing items i sent in an email. Let me know if i should email them again.

    Nikki xxx

  5. Nikki I do have some of the patterns and Kat found some too, do you just print them onto normal paper or do you use something else like parchment so it looks like tracing paper? xxxxx

  6. You could use parchment which would be perfect.
    You will have to glue the edge maybe to normal printer paper on the section that first feeds into the printer.
    I uses tissue paper i glues on alll edges to printer paper to bet it through.

  7. One word, Nikki! Fantastic! You did it again!

  8. lord above, look at my typing above Casey.

  9. Wonderful little millinery table, Nikki! I agree, it is fun making these kinds of tables. I am confident your customer will be thrilled! You always take the time to pay such close attention to the details..which is one of the reasons your things are always so special.


  10. Just Beautiful! The colors are perfect, what a lucky lady to get this.

  11. These tables are just FANTASTIC! The colours, textures and general layout is just amazing. They are a feast for the eyes! I AM sure that the new owner WILL love it! :o)))

    I look forward in receiving my threads etc so I can start on making my own loose bits and bobs for my witchy hat makers cottage and stall! :o)

    Michelle xxx

  12. OMG that would take FOREVER to make - there's sooooo many little details, I just LOVE it. The witches hat is GREAT!! I can't get over all the little things on the table. Your customer is going to be absolutely thrilled!

  13. Brilliant work!!! although I´m not into a lot of colors, I really love the brightness of it. So beautiful put together...

  14. I love all of ur work! ♥ u're an inspiration ! :)
    I follow u.
    Kisses [:

  15. The table is wonderfully detailed in texture, and shape and colour!!
    I had an instant smile response to it - there's something magical here, Nikki! :)

  16. Beautiful colours! Love the hat!Great detiles as usual! :)

  17. I just love the colors Nikki! What fun it would be to play at that table...Oh I wish I was a doll.....

  18. ¡Te ha quedado genial! Me encanta tanto material para hacer sombreros, el metro y sobre todo los tarros con botones. Su nueva dueña estará feliz.
    Besos Clara.

  19. Inspirational and delightful piece Nikki. The details are fab and you can see your personality bursting through!!
    What a lucky lady to receive such a wonderful item in the post.

    I am so torn when I see your work, I want to tackle my own but I really want one of yours too!!

  20. Oh Nikki, I really love that table!!! You have done a brilliant work,so many beautiful details!!!

  21. This is really fantastic Nikki! The person that bought it, will be thrilled!


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