Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Etsy tonight and running behind with pics!

Will be listing on etsy this evening at 9pm as promised yesterday. Just running a little behind with organising my photos.
Will pop back here in a few hours and add all my photos.

Decided to sell my potting corner. I've been working on it now for over two years. It never gets finished, i'm always taking bits out of it to use on other work or changing my mind on its contents, and so selling it doesn't seem too bad.
Hope it finds a good home. Maybe it will sell, maybe it wont, so will just wait and see.
The potting corner measures 20.5 cm in height, 19.2 cm in width and 11 cm in depth.

Also selling the nuno scarf. Yesterday i had a lady really interested in this but sadly she doesn't like the green. I love the green and the contrast between the shades.
I've been out shopping today and found loads of beautiful silk i can use for future nuno scarves and shawls etc. Cant wait to get working on them. It looks beautiful draped over shoulders and used as a summer shawl with a strapless dress.
The scarf can be worn in various ways and measures 60 inches x 13 inches (roughly).

The chair. Measures 15.5cm at its fullest width. 14 cm (roughly) at its full height.
The height of each leg is roughly 3.3 cm. The height and width seem a lot but the actual seating area fits a 1:12 doll perfectly and the doll looks snug.

Birdstand x 3 - A, B and C. A measures 10.6cm. B measures 11 cm. C measures 10.8 cm.
Each top branch tapers backwards and so allows 3 birds to be placed on the stand.

Pumpkin Patch (A) The tallest pumpkin measures 3.3 cm

Pumpkin Patch (B) The tallest pumpkin measures 2.5cm cm

Pumpkin Patch (C) The tallest pumpkin measures 2.5cm cm

Witch Broom 1:12. Measure 13cm

Two rejects/seconds. Not happy with both of these, the cork has broken a little on the dragon set and the jar doesn't sit straight. The pumpkin soup board i am not happy with because the contents of the cauldron have not met the side too well and the bubbles went a bit wrong.
The pumpkin soup slate board measures 3.8cm x 3 cm

1:24 Witch Brooms A, B and C. The brooms each measure roughly 6.2 cm

Creeping Vine - Measures roughly 32 cm in lenght and 22cm in width.


  1. I bet it finds a great home! It's such a beautiful piece!!

  2. I can't believe your going to sell it. I hope it goes to someone that will Love it..xxxx

  3. Sometimes you hold onto things for no reason, so im ok about this sale. Just wish i could take better photos.

  4. Nikki, your potting corner is such beautiful. Perfect to use it for a wallhanging scene!

  5. I can't believe you are selling the potting corner!! It's wonderful and I've always admired it! :o))

    Michelle xxx

  6. Oh wow! This corner is so perfect! The rest of minies are too! And the scarf of course!:)

  7. Looking forward to the excitement tonight Nikki!

  8. That potting corner is jaw dropping! Love the aging with the green, its just perfect. I really love the pumpkins too, the way you work your wire is so unique!


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