Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Listing some minis on ebay

I'm just in the middle of listing a few mini's on ebay. I want to buy some fibres for my felting and so selling these.
Postage is free too.
Here's my ebay link:

Ive also seen the most beautiful 100% silk sari/saree i'd like to bid on. Ive always loved indian ladies clothes and the one i badly want is to die for. Ive been looking for nice silk in long lenghts for Nuno felting and then stumbled upon this idea as a solution. I might go into london (west ham area) and look around the shops if the one i badly want goes too high on ebay. Ive been shopping there before and loved the material shops that seemed to go on forever and ever, with most them selling beautiful silk in every colour imaginable.
If you are into dressing dolls, then on etsy there are loads of sari's ever so cheap. Some are secondhand and as cheap as chips. I need to stop drooling over there and actually make something, lol!!!


  1. Oh, I love the telescopes!They are fab!Pity you have to sell so beautiful minis!;) But I know that felting is making you a lot of fun!:)

  2. OMG Nikki I was with you got that telescope. I hope your sales go ok and that you can do some more wonderful creative fantasy creations.

    lorra Luffes

    Debie xxxxx

  3. I know, lol. Im clearing out stuff i have bought by mistake... my impulse buying at shows, lol.
    I'm never going to use them and so its wasteful they just sit there. Plus what i wanted to make with them then i now dont want to and would prefer some fibres and silk.

  4. Nikki - if you like beautiful silk saris etc, you should come to Bradford and visit Bombay would blow your mind and your bank balance!!

  5. Buying saris sound wonderful :-) Sounds like your new creations from wool etc are giving you much pleasure. If you need any felting needles let me know I might have some somewhere!

  6. Saris are wonderful. I really miss living by an Indian district.

    I've bought some online but be careful....I've found some of them are really worn thin and not much use for anything. You might do better going to the Indian stores and buying the fabric.

    Good luck with the sales.


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