Monday, 19 July 2010

Are these right? 1:24 brooms

While making the chair i showed a few weeks ago i had two branches spare and so decided to turn them into 1:24 brooms.
I think they look right and seem right if i scale down an average broom, but still i'm unsure if these could be classed as 1:24 scale. Its ok measuring but sometimes it has to look right to the eye and so a bit confused over this considering i have not worked in such a small scale.
The shortest broom here measures 8cm. Is that too big?

So i dont bore you forever with my new felting hobby i decided to create a new blog just for that. Heres the link:
Happy with the name but hoping there is not another felter out there with the same name, lol.
Promise there will be more minis than felting going on!

Tomorrow night i'm listing a few items on etsy and maybe having a bit of a clear out on ebay the following night. Will list them tomorow evening (Tuesday) around 9pm UK time.
Will pop some pictures here tmorrow. Its not much because have been doing other things. Heres my very small list.
2 sets of pumpkins
The tree chair
3 x bird tree branch stands
2 x 1:24 brooms.
1 x 1:12 broom
creeping vine.

Some other bits such as sweet jars and potions if i get them finished.

Ive also reduced the two item i have in etsy at the moment.


  1. They seem about the right size Nikki....but I've not got anything in that scale to double check for you.

    Michelle xxx

  2. Nikki, I have a feeling that the brooms are just a tad too big. I'll measure my 1/24th Dolls and my 1/24th Trigger Pond House for you and let you

  3. I've cut the bristles a bit shorter now.
    Debie from piskies emailed me to say they will be ok due to some witchy brooms being ever so long. It's so hard to judge because no two are the same in the real world.
    I'm going by the dolls i've seen at shows in this scale, plus and they are coming half way up my 1:12 witch dolls. So i imagined them the dols split in half and the brooms look right... i hope.

  4. It is some times hard to determine 1/24 scale by measured size alone, though that is important. It isn't that they should be shorter with shorter's that they should be smaller in "mass" also. Does that make sense? I cannot tell from the picture with out a half scale doll to compare.

  5. Love seeing these half scale brooms:) And those beautiful scarves you're making! Love the blue and white one!

  6. don't know anything about half scale but I love them anyway!! I am sure they're just right!

  7. Hello Nikki.

    I have sent an email.

    Kisses, May

  8. These are lovely little brooms Nikki. When I am working in 1/24th scale I draw a little grid to remind me of the sizes.

    Lorra Luffies

    Debie xxxxxx


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