Saturday, 19 June 2010

Glow in the dark brooms!

The broom handles glowing. The bristles when attached should glow too!

Today im trying to make glow in the dark brooms, lol. Oh lol, i think i'm mad.

Anyway, here they are so far. I'm using the paint you can see next to them and so far so good.
They actually glow after several dry brushed coats... and i mean several! But you have to charge them up under lighting for a min or so. I'm doing the stick them down your top test for the glow check, lol. They do charge a little under direct sunlight but electrical lighting or a torch is whats needed to get them going.
This evening i'll try and take photos of them glowing and will pop the picture on this post down below the picture here.


  1. What a neat idea!! Will you paint the bristles, too?
    Have you tried glow in the dark polymer clay at all?

  2. They look fab and really different! The paint works the same way as glow in the dark needs light on it before it will glow! lol

    My little wash bucket came today....thank you!!!!

    Michelle xxxx

  3. Can't wait to see them glowing :D

  4. OH they are absolutely cool in the dark!!Great effect!:D

  5. They look great Nikki, did you get that stuff we talked about or something else?

    Cant wait to see them finished.

    Lorra Luffies

    Debie xxxxxxxxxx

  6. "WOW" They are great, I'm looking forward to seeing them completed. Thank you for sharing. xxx

  7. You make me smile today!!! What an idea!!! :) :) :)
    I think that sometimes "mad" ideas are the best!

  8. What a cool idea! Will be great in a haunted house, I have 2 glow in the dark dolls by Julie in mine and it is a great look in the dark! Kate xx

  9. Nikki, I can just imagine you with those Brooms stuffed down your top, to see if they glowed. You do make me laugh my friend..LOL They've come out really well. Looking forward to seeing them finished. Will ring you later..xxxx


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