Sunday, 20 June 2010

Work in progress and etsy.

On Tuesday evening 22nd June 9pm Uk time i'll be putting a few minis on etsy.
This will be brooms, pumpkin bottles in sets of 3, tall bookstand, table bookstand, and a few other little bits if i find the time.
The glow in the dark brooms i am unable to finish and so will just be selling 3 for now. I need to order some of the bristles Michelle suggested in a previous post. I've tried all sorts and even brushes from decorating shops, but nothing has been suitable. The bristles on the 3 i can sell glow too. Will be a few weeks because need to order and wait for it to arrive from the states.
I seem to run out of time every day for minis, so will just be selling little bits here and there as i make them.

I'm also going to be selling some glass marble bottles again in sets of 3. Recently i have had a few emails from various people letting me know they have been making them too for personal use. I'd just like to point out they are not my idea/concept. Debie from piskies and poppets taught me some time back how to make them. She was also happy for me to make them for sale even though it was her idea. But please don't worry about making them because it's not a problem. It's nice to see everyones creations and individual touches.

From the pictures you can see a table book stand. I've made the branches coming out longer than they need to be. I've done this so bottles can hang around the book or even candles could be attached. I'm selling this with empty bottles and no book, so whoever buys it can add their own book and make potions based around the book to match. Sometimes i feel for certain items its good to go so far and then let somebody else take it again in their own direction to suit the theme of the room they are creating. The same applies to the tall bookstand and will leave it empty too and provide suitable glass bottles.
The table bookstand got me thinking. For some time i've been trying to come up with a good idea for a cage. If you imagine it as having equally spaced branches all the way around and the branches being longer and curving upwards, then thats my idea. I'll have a go at making some next week when my Mum and step Dad visit. I find it hard to sit in the evening with my hands free and so while spending time with them and chatting i'll just wire up most evenings. I'm really looking forward to them visiting, we don't get many visitors, nor go out much so will be lovely to have some company.
I still have the wet felting bug and spending far to much time researching ideas and ways of working felt. I'm absolutely fascinated by felting, but extra pleased my first attempt has also given Debie from piskies and poppets the urge to go back into this too. Will be nice to share it with her.
Im saving up some cash to have a trip to a nearby craft village. The village has various craft shops but one in particular i was fascinated by last time i went.
I'm drooling just thinking about all the lovely wool and various materials i can mix into felting. Plus the lady that runs it has samples everywhere of what can be achieved with everything she stocks.

I'm also going to be making some mandrakes in pots this week... hopefully! It won't be a lot because i tire easily of sculpting faces. Is anyone interested in mandrakes without a pot so they can plant them up in gardens or even their own pots? Im not sure so thought i'd ask.

Three of the pumpkins above are roughly the same, but the fourth is different and plan on making more like that too, but in various sizes and even some giant ones. Again whats your opinion on giant ones? How big would i be able to take them and if their would be interest in them is something again i am unsure about.
I really like the one on its own, and sculpted it to look like it was sleeping. I now wish i'd given it a plump bottom and dimples. I think the next lot will have this.
The three on their own now have eyes since the photo was taken.

I've also changed my photo (the one that shows up in comments i leave). There's just too many witches around blogspot!


  1. Hi Nikki, looks like you have been working hard again! I would definitely be interested in mandrakes without the pots to be played with at home.
    I am beginning to start my long term collecting for Diagon we go again!

  2. Hey Nikki! I really like that tabletop book stand....I think Merlin could make good use of that in his study. And the punkin faces are adorable, as usual. Love them!

    Haven't seen your new avatar but I know what you mean by too many witches LOL!


  3. Love what you're working on! Adorable and perfect as usual!!!

  4. Hola Nikki!! Soy fiel seguidora y admiradora de tus trabajos. Estoy empezando a realizar unas cosas para una tienda de brujas y me guio de tus hermosos trabajos.
    Un fuerte abrazo desde Mexico.

  5. Oh I love the pumpin with the normal face, soooo cute! And yes, I would be interested in mandrakes without pots as I need a couple good ones - I can only make the leaves, so there's a lot baby mandrakes in my forgotten garden, that don't show the root part :D And the tablestand is fab!

  6. You've got me thinking beacuse of your tall bookstand, I love it! I wanted to make one for the office but really had no idea how or what to make. If I am not lucky with your Etsy - which is most probably certain ;) - then at least will have an idea!:D
    The pumpkins are great and I am pretty sure there are a few people that would like mandrakes without pots! :)

  7. Wow I love everything you do, and I see you are interested in felt. I thought I would give you a site that is fantastic and the mind works overtime with the endless things one could achieve with this medium. Good luck on your new projects. xxx

  8. Some more wonderful goodies to come great! Thankyou for the fab broomsticks Nikki both witches are very happy!
    Lovley to see you WIP and such a shame you felt you needed to change YOUR profile pic which once again you thought of first, goodness have some people no imagination! We all know you certainly have and an amazing one at that , these look like they are going to be brill! Love Kate xxx

  9. Thank you for letting me all know about the mandrakes without pots, glad to know i can make them now.
    Thank you tinypearl for the link, i will go and check it out now. Ive always loved fibre arts but have never had the confidence to work with textiles because my sewing skills are not great. But felting i really love and can do.
    Ive been drawing up designs and ideas and once i can afford a big wool and fibres shopping trip ill be able to make them.

    Nikki xxx

  10. Nikki, I think what ever you decide to make, will sell as your ideas are so original. I love the new book stand and I can also imagine that in a Fairy Setting, as well as a Witch/Wizard setting.
    Again with the size of the Pumpkins, in real life they come in different sizes, from the tiny ones you hold in your hand, to the Giant ones that have to be moved by Fork Lift! LOL I think if someone is doing a Witches Garden, you could have a Giant Sized one! I Love your little pumpkins with the faces.
    I haven't forgot about the Hair from the Ponies. Ben was covered in it this morning, helping the Blacksmith. Glad to hear your enjoying the felting and looking forward to seeing what you create.. xxx

  11. I forgot to say I think huge pumpkins would be great! I want to do Hagrids Hut day!!!!I have the right house to modify in the loft and want to make a garden for it so giant pumpkins would fit in well! And any mandrakes for the Potter conservatory too so yep all good Kate xxx

  12. I love the book stands, really different. I love the idea of pot-less Mandrakes too, I'm in need of a few and I love ageing and working on my own pots. :o)

    If you get to make any, I'd love some loose mushrooms too, as I need loads. I particularly liked the orange ones (that looked like oyster mushrooms) on a table that sold.

    Good to see you have been busy creating! ;o)

    Michelle xxxx

  13. Thank you for mentioning the bottles Nikki xxx

    I love those bookstands they are wonderful.

    Glad to hear you are enjoying the needlefelting.

    Lorra Luffies

    Debie xxxxxxxxxx


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