Saturday, 19 June 2010

Testing Felt!

Yesterday the merino wool i ordered arrived and so last night decided to have a go.
If you watch the tutorial in the previous post you can see how i made this.
I didn't have the bamboo mats like the lady uses, and so just used bubble wrap and some really strong card board tubing for the rolling. It's tubing form material and stood up to the rolling, but im sure wooden dowelling would be great.
This is just my trial sample and very simple. The design is basic but it's taught me a lot about what i can achieve in the future.
But before i show you, if you want to keep fit and are maybe looking for something that suits you, and can combine it with a craft, then this really is the one to do.
The first few stages are simple, but when it comes to the rolling you really do get a full work out. I did 3 sets of 100 rolls and i think by around 150 i was exhausted, by 300 you really are in a sweat.
It wasn't helped by the fact i have a bad leg at the moment around my knee and so pulled on it somewhat. But the effort was worth it. Yesterday i went to the doctors and he has referred me to surgeon, so just waiting for the appointment to have a camera go in and look what's wrong
It measures 38cm x 34cm and i used 3 of the meriono wool topa (at least i think that's their name, maybe rovings... not sure, lol) you can see in the packets below. It's a bit thicker than a felted wool coat too. But i think i have made it too thick and so next time will make thinner layers of the fibres as i work the pattern

Here's a close up.

Here's my order, and heres a link to the seller on ebay

I used just 3 of the above and little bits from the other colours for the circles.
I think one pack cost around £5 and considering the size of sample ive made it would have cost roughly £2.50 to make, so its quite a good craft for keeping costs low.

I'd like to make more detailed sheets and hang them as art in the house. I'm wondering how detaield i can go and what i will be able to achieve.
But before i do i'll have a play around with adding other fibres and maybe try some needle felting direct onto the felt i make.
Debbie from piskies and poppets sent me lots of natural fibres some time back. It was meant to be used for dolls hair and is mostly mohair and other animal fibres.
Ive seen some tutorials of ebay where they are mixing these in to create interesting effects. Plus she also sent some other man made fibres im going to see if i can combine onto the wet felt. I'm also wondering if i can add beads and similar to yarns and wool strands and mix these in too. Maybe the bead idea wont work but its still worth the trial.
Debbie from tiny treasures is sending me some wool from her shetland ponies, and will make her something special with that. Well, that's if it works, lol.

If you fancy having a go then i'm sure you will fall in love with wet felting like i have. Its fun, and most of all is going to be my few times a week workout. Check out the videos of the ladies (and men) that wet felt. There's not one that's overweight and they all look fit. I hate gyms and exercising but this i enjoy because i'll get to see two sets of results in one.

In my order there was also some olive oil soap flakes. You need to use soap for wet felting by the way. I made it up and dissolved in hot water, but i couldn't work with it and so switched to fairy washing up liquid/detergent. I couldn't smooth like i could see on the tutorials using the olive oil soap. I used a silk scarf too for working the felt combined with the bubble wrap. But pay attention to the tutorial if you too decide to try this out, they are not wrong about the felt wanting to grip the silk and so remove and place back every two mins in the stages before the rolling.
For the rolling and from most of the tutorial i have seen they suggest using a non slip surface/mat. I didn't have this and so used a damp towel which worked just as well. Oh yes and make sure you have a big bundle of towels to hand too.


  1. Nikki I think you've done great for your first attempt at Wet Felting. I promise I'll only send you clean Hair, with no Pooh attached. You can also use it for Unicorn Hair in your Jars...LOL xxx

  2. Very nice Nikki though this is something I do not think I would ever attempt myself. Idid look at the first tutorial you listed and I thought the lady teaching was excellent. This reminded me of something I read in a novel a while back....apparently this is how wool fabric was made in Medieval times. The book was Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follet. Can you imagine making bolts of cloth this way?? No wonder only the wealthy could afford the luxury of a wool cloak!


  3. I love your pattern! Keep my fingers for your knee-appointment and hope you will get well soon!:)

  4. I tried wet felting couple of months ago. Due to my stinginess in using wool roving, my 6" by 6" piece looks hole-ly and very uneven. Your felt looks great! Also, thanks for sharing the interesting Youtube videos on wet felting in your previous post.



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