Sunday, 13 June 2010

Can you help!

I'm busy making brooms at the moment... seems i have been saying brooms for ever!
Recently i've been feeling really tired and had no motivation. so having to push myself to actually make anything. I'm putting it down to the long days and sometimes nights i spent decorating over a week ago. I think its caught up with me thinking i was invincible and doing too much too quick. I'm also a night owl and i think being so doesn't help. I tend to stay up far too late and then have to get up early and so spend too much time tired and yawning.
Anyway, heres the brooms so far... lots to do still and colour to add.

They should look like the ones i made for KDF by tomorrow. Heres a pic of them.

Tomorrow i'll start making the ghostly white ones. The only trouble is i can't find anything suitable for the broom bristles. Kat the Hat suggested i use cocoa matting, or the material used for miniature thatching but i cant find any? I'm looking for white and various shades of natural/brown. I can't find either online, although not to worried about the natural/brown because i have a little left. But white is what i'm desperate to find and wondered if anyone has a suggestion or knows of somewhere i can buy some.
I know in the train section of Hobbycraft they stock natural in very small packs, yet have never seen white.
Hope i can find somewhere from your suggestions.

The World Cup
I know it's not in the spirit of the occassion but i can't wait for it to be over. It's not the actual game (althought i really cant stand football) but the noise from the horns and trumpets they blow. All i hear every day is a swarm of bees/wasps coming from the tv and its driving me up the wall. Is it just me or is the noise annoying you too. Am i the only one driven mad?

My friend Evas fairy food table.
My friend Eva at has a beautiful Fairy food table available in her etsy shop.
Heres Evas shop link:
I love it and everything Eva makes. She always amazes me and thinks up the most magical minis ever! I know this sounds daft but everything she makes/sculpts looks happy as though its smiling!


  1. I've been looking out for supplies myself today and was looking on Ebay at one of my favourite sellers and I saw this, unsure if it's any good, but I will keep a look out.

    I hate footie too and avoid it at all costs! lol
    Michelle xxx

  2. Me again!

    I have a link for a darker colour for normal brooms.

    Michelle xxx

  3. Hi Michelle. Thank you for the link. I now can buy the bundle from your second link again when the one i have runs out. I couldn't for the life of me remember where i had bought it from.
    The first link i have some of that but its too fine really. Ive used it on brooms beofre but its hard to secure so the fibres dont shed.
    I'd really like to find white or cream like the bundles from your second link.
    Nikki xxx

  4. Hi Niiki,

    I've recently seen lots of thatching for sale, but I can't find where I've seen it! I will keep looking through my links!

    Michelle xx

  5. Thank you Michelle, its much appreciated.

  6. I have not seen any, maybe you can try your local hardware store and check out the cleaning or big paint brushes. I know I've seen my husband with brooms with big white bristles he uses for masonry work.


  7. Oooh thats a good idea with brooms. Never thought of them and will check them out. I too think i have seen white brustles. The brishes used for wallpaper would probably be ideal.

    Nikki xxx

  8. Oops Jamie me and my terrible typing!

  9. Hi Nikki, sorry to hear you have been feeling down. I blame the up and down weather. Neither one thing nor the other.

    I agree with you about those awful horns! Now I am a big footie fan, season ticket holder and all that, but that awful noise is driving me mad! They did try to ban them from inside the grounds but there were too many protests from SA on the lines that they were an important cultural link for the people.

  10. Hi Nikki...sounds like you are suffering froim PTDS (post-traumtic decorating syndrome...hehehe) plus the natural let-down that always happens after preparing for and participating in a big show. I always feel that way when I finish the costuming for a show and the play is over.... but it passes! :-).

    As for broom bristles, I was just going to say to look as real brooms and brushes. I have a decorative "broom" (for hanging on the front door in the Autumn) that I got at a Dollar store a while back. The bristles are caramel colored and perfect for mini brooms....they also work well as a back for wisteria but that's another story. If I want lighter bristles, I look at those cheap paint brushes (can buy them here for less than a dollor a piece)...those bristles are very pale though not white. But many household type brushes do have white bristles and as long as they are not too stiff and shiny, they might work.

    Don't worry, you'll have your energy back soon!


  11. Arh! Yes, someone not long ago said to me about using real brushes for broom bristles and I forgot about it sooo soon!! lol You can buy large wide decorating brushes overhere Nikki. Excellent Jamie! ;o))

    I hope you feel like your old self soon! :o)
    Michelle xxxx

  12. Hope you cheer up soon :) You've been doing too much work with all that decorating and clening, anyone would be exchausted!

    And your ghostly white brooms sounds fab! And thanks Michelle for the link, I did some shopping there :)

  13. Oh Nikki, thats how I feel most of the time! Ive spent the best part of the last decade in a semi-comatose state! so cant help there Im afraid as I just go with the flow and create if Im awake enough, which explains why Im so uncreative most of the time LOL but... drink plenty of water, it really does help :o)
    I cant be doing with the footie either, I like rugby, a game played by real men who dont fall over & cry if they break a finger nail!!!
    as for ghostie bristles, ??? I have no idea other than whats already been mentioned :o( sorry

  14. Know nothing about the bristles - oh but I really want to see yours brooms ready:) But I hope you will feel good back soon! As for footie - I hate when it is much too much of it on the TV ;)

  15. I need to make some brooms for my christmas ornaments for this year and I have received some fabulous ideas from your comments- so have to say thank you to you Nikki for this post! I would never have thought about those cheap paintbrushes- that was a wonderful idea Tabitha!!

  16. Nikki
    How about decorating brushes - sorry LOL but some of them are quite fine with white bristles 2 or more inches in length.

  17. Thank you all for the tips, links and advice.
    We dont have a local DIY so will have to wait a few days until i can go and see what they stock.
    So will be held up with the ghost brooms.
    I too would never have thought to look at brushes... amazing!
    Nikki xxx

  18. What a wonderful surprise :)
    I can not help you with your brooms but everybody has give you a very good ideas.
    I am so sorry to hear that you do not feel so well. I think that after a very busy period of time it is normal that your body goes down...I am sure that you will cheer up soon. Sleep and laugh a lot!! I feel tired almost all the time :)
    Un beso and a BIG thank you for the picnic table :) I have collect wonderful comments

  19. Hoooo, don't start me on rugby and real men!!!! I love football (for its very skillful footwork amongst other things) and watch every World Cup, but........ I hate those horns too this year. One can't even hear the commentators over the noise and it drowns out the so familiar original sounds of the game.

    As for your white bristles, I wish I could help you. Is it an option to get white cotton, cut it in equal lengths, and brush it out with a wire brush? Just an idea, but in that case you don't want to have to make too many.

    Bye for now

  20. White bristles - I did once try stiffening rough silk and linen threads (for thatch), it was ok but obviously threads - you'd have to find unplied ones (weaving singles) with not much twist.
    Full strength PVA works, and you have to let them dry separately as they twist and glue together on the line!

    Ditto about football - I like cricket!!

    Life seems to go in waves of enthusiasm/energetic to doldrums/tired and back again. You have be ready to act when the muse arrives!

  21. I didn't have time to read all the comments so I don't know if this has been suggested yet, but what about using those coarse white/ivory colored bristles from the cheap paint brushes you can get at the dollar store? They might work. Especially if you can find one of the larger ones used for painting rooms rather than the smaller art brushes. Hope that helps. Love your brooms BTW!

  22. Florist filling straw is great for spooky brooms and it comes in lots of different colours including white.

  23. You can bleach boar bristles. The kind that are used on the cheap paint brushes.


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