Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Brooms for Etsy!

I'm going to put these brooms in my etsy shop this evening around 9pm.
There are others i will also list in the next few days that are the same as these.
Here's my shop link

As sson as i can find white bristles at the DIY shop i'll list some ghost brooms too. I've ordered some glow in the dark paint for these and hoping they turn out well.

Will also put the painting i did last week in my shop.

The circular floor and table in my shop have been reduced today!


  1. I'm hoping that your ghostly brooms turn out okay, as I'd like one (to go with my broom collection)! lol

    Michelle xxx

  2. The brooms look great! But the ghostly ones with that paint ah they sound so cool! Can't wait to see them! It is quite posiible you will have to make more of them than in this lot ;)

  3. As soon as I saw your post I hopped over to Etsy and bought Gertie a broom :0) I have been waiting since you said you were going to make some, so I was thrilled that I didn't miss them, they are fabalous :0) The ghost ones sound wonderful.
    Luv Julia xx

  4. Great brooms Nikki. Looking forward to see how your Ghostly Ones turn out...xxxx

  5. Cool brooms, cannot wait to see your ghostly white brooms :-)

  6. Of course my Gertrude had to have one too, and then my new Mable shouted at me that If I didnt get her one, shed cast a very nasty spell so I had to go back and buy a second!! Wow its hard work with all these witches in the house ! Cant wait to get them Nikki, well done they are fab! Kate xx

  7. Wonderful Nikki. Can't wait to see the ghosty ones too :-)


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