Sunday, 23 May 2010

Thank you all!

Thank you all for your kind, thoughtful and wise comments in the previous post.
Niall is fast asleep now looking like a lobster.
I always know when something is wrong and when i need to worry, and i just knew something was wrong today.
I can't understand the mother that let them both go off this morning with no money or drinks to the beach... or breakfast so i have discovered from Niall.
He chanced his luck thinking i would be thinking he was still at his friends house, and then lost track of time. He knows he is not allowed to go to the beach area too.
Niall cried for an hour when he got home then settled down.
He has also cut all his feet open on the rocks and so has hobbled off to bed at 9.30 ish.
Im not an over protective mum and know all children need their freedom and a chance to explore, but ive always stayed firm on never allowing him to go to the beach, so i think my discovering he did so was the reason for his hour long crying.

What a day, well weekend come to think of it. Everything i have done has gone wrong or been delayed, tipped upside down and shaken around. I seem to attract disaster with everything i do or everywhere i go lately. If i cook it burns, if i wash up i burn myself, if i have a bath somebody else has used all the hot water. If i wsh the floor somebody instantly spills a drink. The list is endless and hoping tomorrow a new week will be better.

Will list some more items tomorrow evening (Monday) 9pm UK time. Its only a few items though. With the mayhem of today i didnt get to finish organising listings for:
3 sets of potions bottles.
A pumpkins seconds/reject set.
The mouse and mandrake sacks.
Pumpkin soup boards.
2 x olde bones prep boards
1 x chiminea.


  1. Bless you Nikki!!
    What a trial you've been through - I do hope it all improves, and very soon!

  2. As much as I look forward to your postings and items for sale, FAMILY always comes first! He will be miserable for some time and may be sensitive to the sun for the rest of his life. I had heat stroke and sun stroke at the same time one summer and cannot stand the sun beating on me or getting too hot. Being young he may be lucky. But be assured he has learned his lesson for some time now. He is home and safe, breathe a sigh of relief and don’t stress too much.

  3. Me alegra que ya este de nuevo en casa y que solo fuera un susto y respecto a la mala suerte que lleva ahora ,creo que a todos nos pasa de vez en cuando pero vera que pronto todo vuelve a estar bien,saludos

  4. Just caught up with this Nikki, I am so glad Niall is safe and sound and back home.
    It seems when one thing goes wrong lots of others follow....hopefully this will be a bright monday morning and great start to the new week :0)
    I remember when my daughter was 4 another mother in the street was watching her for ten minutes and managed to lose her in that short time. it was terrifying she was no where to be seen and as a search party went scouring the streets I started knocking on doors in panic..... to my disbeleif she was in the house of a new neighbour, with her 12 year old kids watching "nightmare on elm street "!!! I never forgot the relief of seing her worried little face !
    Anyway hope your etsy sales are flying out of the shop and heres to a great week :0)
    julie xxxx

  5. It sounds as though you've all had a rough time Nikki. He's safe now, but I think he was probably frightened too. I cannot believe the other boys Mother! Wishing you all well and a much better week!

    I AM off work today and tomorrow, bit of a long story I might add! lol I have also downloaded Google Chrome and now using it after lasts night IE's performance! lol

    Michelle xxxx

  6. Just discovered your posts! I suppose he's been delighted at the beginning with a feeling of freedom and as day went he must have understood that it was not as wonderful as he had thought... Poor thing I'm sure he must have been frightened and felt miserable! In a few years you'll laugh and remember that day as an "adventure". But for the moment what you both need is a big cuddle and some promise from him he won't do it again!

    But please, please the most important: teach him how to swim!!! At 12 he should know already. Here in France most children go to the swimming pool when they're at school and it's a great thing! This is so important especially if you live by the sea.

    Hope you'll have better time in the next days!


  7. Hi Tom.
    My other two boys can swim, but Niall refused to learn.
    My dad taught me to swim and i have taught the other two boys alngside lesons too.
    Niall caused so much trouble trying to get him to lessons that in the end we gave up trying. I have offered for him to have one to one tuition in a closed pool so he is alone with the instructor, but still he refuses.
    Nikki xxx

  8. Thank you everyone.
    Imagine letting a four year old watch Nighmare on Elm Street.Glad you found her safe and sound Julie. I once lost Patrick while shopping. He was hiiding in the changing room curtains and when i was calling him he wouldnt come out incase he got into trouble. I thought he had been snatched. He cried the rest of the day when i found him... me too!
    Nikki xxx

  9. Mary. I think there must be some truth in having suffered from heat stroke and then never being able to enjoy the sun again.
    I too suffered the both together and since then i totally shy away from the sun and heat. I cant cope with it and really struggle all summer now.
    Ive been sitting in the sun for about 15 mins each days but find it hard work and then i start to feel sick if its any longer.
    Love autumn and the cool breezes best!
    Nikki xxx

  10. Michelle i am lost there about the google chrome?
    Hope you are feeling ok with being off work?
    Nikki xxx

  11. Glenda. What type of bird is that in your avatar, its beautiful
    Nikki xxx

  12. Thank you Sagrario. He is much better this morning. He has also not gone to school because of the burns and is resting in the cool.
    Nikki xxx

  13. OMG! Nikki, I just caught up on the weekends postings! you must have been worried sick! my daughter is the same age, and we have similar rules to you. I think (hope)your Niall has learnt the hard way that it wasnt as much fun as he thought it would be .... I doubt he will ever do anything like it again.
    I stayed out late once when I was 10 and my parents called the police looking for me, I saltered home thinking nothing was wrong and got the lecture of my life, I always came home on time after that!!!
    Hope his burns heal quickly, keep the fluids going in for a few more days yet, he'll be sick of eating crisps soon too I reckon LOL

  14. I love the blue skies and a cool breeze too, I hate when it's humid.

    Google Chrome Nikki is a browser which as it happens is A LOT faster than Internet Explorer. :o)

    I hope Niall continues to improve and yes it would be one less worry if he learnt to swim like his brothers can. Especially as lot of boys dive into the water off Southend Pier. :o(

    Michelle xxx

  15. I'm late in reading all of this, but want to add that I am sooo glad that you found Niall and he is home safe! Poor little guy- seems he learned a very hard lesson- hope he is feeling better soon and I hope this week is much better for you too Nikki!

  16. I am glad you found him and everything is okay! That would be my worst nightmare! I didn't have any grey hairs until I had a kid!lol



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