Monday, 24 May 2010

Etsy and Combined Payments! Decorating too!

For some reason unknown to me, if i sell multiple items to one person on etsy they have to pay for each item seperately and not as a combined purchase.
I've looked and looked and cant figure out why this is, and so sorry to those who have been over at paypal for quite some time.
I'll keep trying to figure this out, but over there i sometimes feel lost and always tend to hope for the best. After all this time i still need to iron out a few creases.

This morning i woke with a decorating urge and by tea time couldn't resist. I've been out and bought all i need today, and from tomorrow i'm going to decorate the entire downstairs, do some sewing, wash and scrub and get the house nice again. Think i will even paint something on canvas... nothing complicated though.
Plus bought decking stain and going to tidy up the garden too. Im giving myself one week and then getting back to making Miniatures again.
Painting the main walls a lovely rich deep red, and the rest cream and white. I love red walls, lol. Going to try and use some of the material i found in the skip a few weeks ago too, and make new cushions and curtains etc, and add flecks of gold here and there. Sounds like a brothel i know, lol.
You should have seen my husbands face when he found out, lol. If looks could kill!


  1. You must have read my mind Nikki, check message I have just left on Etsy.....but I recommended a little rest! Not major decorating!!!

  2. I know, lol, but the urge has hit and want it nice for when my mum and step dad come to stay.
    Around christmas will tackle the entire upstairs.
    I once decorated the entire house in a week when our house flooded and we had to move out.
    Once the house was dry and the builders gone i had just 7 days to get it totaly ready and the other house packed. I worked night and day and mae it just in time. I must be mad!
    But i will make sure i rest too... promise!
    Nikki xxx

  3. It will be great to redecorate, but you are only giving yourself a week off!?! Tut, tut! lol :o)) I love the colour scheme to be, I have a very similar thing in my bedroom - very moody and dark! lol

    Michelle xxx

  4. Nikki, Good Luck with the decorating. The Room you slept in when you stayed, has a deep red on the fireplace, the rest of the room is a very pale cream. Great minds think alike..LOL
    Hope Niall is feeling better today. I've emailed you..xxxx

  5. Yes, i remember that room Debbie and how peaceful it was away from street lighting like here and no nouise, but then you woke me up and told me to get dressed, lol. Could have slep a bit longer, lol.
    I also nosed at the dolls house in their when i should have been sleeping, lol.
    But the colours are lovely and i liked it loads.
    I was worried about you earlier because you have been quiet today, hope all is ok.
    Nikki xxx
    Great minds thinking alike, lol.

  6. Hi Michelle. Painting is therapy im sure and when the bug hits me i get to work big time.
    I wonder how many more of us have the same colour scheme? Maybe it's a mini thing, lol.
    I see now why the decoration i made for you matches your room.
    Really enjoy decorating and making things nice so will be like a week off still... hoping here, lol.
    Nikki xxx

  7. Nikki, red walls with cream, and with those lovely fabrics will be just delicious!!
    This will surely be a change from the minis you have immersed yourself in lately!

    I had a lovely time 'elbowing' people at your virtual Fair stand on Etsy!! :D Came away with gorgeous loot, but some items whizzed by so fast I didn't even see them!! Happiness filled - my dragon setting is filling very nicely now.

    Hope Niall is well - he's gaining experience!

  8. Also Debbie, i would love a fireplace like yours too. Our main focal point is the tv and i could chuck that away quite esily and have a real fire. Hate radiators and the horrid heat they give off.
    Nikki xxx

  9. Hi Glenda.
    I know, i need a break from minis. Love minis to bits but sometimes they get on my nerves. It's a love hate relationship at times. Ive come close several times to packing up and stopping, but they always call me back. They're like drugs, lol. I love when all goes well and live for that.
    I cant believe you have never made a dolls house (read so on michelles blog just now).
    I would have said you have because you make beautiful minis. Mind you i have several and nowhere near finsihing any of them, epsecially that they are now in the loft... all of them. I will rescue them all soon!
    Lol at the virtual fair. Im really pleased because will use the money for decorating and tidying up the house. Wish it would run to a new bathroom... dreaming here!
    I should really buy new clothes but find clothes shops tiring and dull. Hobbycarft i can stay in all day or a book shop! Just hoping the summer skips by quick or rains the whole time otherwise new clothes it will have to be. Mind you im always in my nighties, lol.
    I will search out some more dragon images for you and email when i find them, oh yes and have some eggs i will pop in too for you.
    Lots of love xxx

  10. For Esty combined payments, you have to hold all items in your cart and then commit to buy. You will then get one paypal invoice. You can't do that in your shop or someone else might commit to the item and then it's gone from the cart. Jim

  11. I was doing some elbowing in your Etsy shop yesterday also, got these fab sacks with mice for my witchy greenhouse :)

    And have fun time decorating, it's such a fun especially when you paint the walls, you get a big change fast :)

  12. You deserve days off, Nikki! Good luck with the decorations! With the colours you've chosen I am sure the interior will look just fab!
    Well, as for Etsy - lucky me this time!I bought beautiful minis from you!:) - I am pretty sure I know why I paid twice - I had to pay at once as soon as I put something in the cart if I didn't want anyone else to but "my" mini;) For some reason putting minis to the cart and even clicking the check out button didn't help and "my" minis were gone!:) I am only hoping to see them again in your Etsy some day - maybe then I'll be more lucky;)

  13. Te deseo que te diviertas pintando la casa a mi me gusta mucho pintarla y de vez en cuando cambiar de color y mudar los muebles y las cortinas,el color que has elegido creo que te quedara precioso.Mi marido tambien me mira de esa forma cada vez que digo que voy a cambiar la decoracion,saludos

  14. I was doing some elbowing and getting elbowed!!! Very happy with what I did buy though :0)

    Just replied to your email, Nikki :0)

    Julia xxxx

  15. Beautifying one's environment is always a great way to bring inspiration into your artwork. A clean, fresh home unclutters my mind and the artwork tends to flow easier as I am not distracted by what other, more everyday, things I should be doing. Have fun remodeling!



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