Sunday, 23 May 2010

Found him!

I found Niall thank the lord

I will now listing from 9pm instead of the 8.
Will also have to list some items tomorow evening same time because i need to do item descriptions and prices still.

I cant believe the mother let them go to the beach where i finally found him trying to hobble home. He has severe sunburn and has not drank anything since this morning so is dehydrated too.
Ive bathed him and covered him in after sun and cucumber to keep him cool and wet flannels.
Hes now siting with his dinner and lots of drinks.
I am cross with him still but will deal with that tomorrow when he is better.
Its such a hot day here and although he is not allowed to the beach he has chanced his luck and then lost track of time.

Of to check him again and then do my listing later.


  1. Gosh! Make sure he has salt too for the dehydration, as it's dangerous. It was so hot today!

    Wishing Niall better soon!

    Michelle xxx

  2. Thank God for that! I am so happy he's back safely home:)

  3. I am glad you found him - needs plenty of fluids and I hope his sunburn is not too bad. What a relief for you - you must have been so worried.

  4. Thank goodness! I' so happy you have found him. Do not scold him too harshly tomorrow but do not have any mercy for that stupid woman.

  5. Oh Nikki, I'm sitting here crying with relief!
    Don't be too cross, I'm sure he has learned his own lessons from this.
    xxx Glenda

  6. So glad you have found him safe and sound. Ice cubes are fab for dehydrated kids and 5 are equal to 1 glass of water!
    Take care all of you, Julia xx

  7. Don't forget the salt, Nikki. Give him some crisps to go with the water. I grew up in a desert and we always carry water, salt, and blankets in the car when we're back home.

    Oh and if he's still feeling poorly tomorrow, you could always let slip that this is what a hangover feels like. ;-)

  8. Thank heavens the news is good Nikki xxx

  9. Phew so relieved Nikki, Im sure hes learnt his lesson! Hope you give that stupid woman what for!! Kate xx

  10. Just read your post Nikki. Some mothers are beyond description....Agree about the crisps and ice cubes.

    What a worry for you all!

  11. OMG thank goodness he is ok we have been worried. Poor chap no drinks in this weather.I have been drinking all day and I am still suffering in the heat. I hope he feels better tomorrow and doesn't suffer too much with sun burn!ouch!

  12. What a relief! So glad he's safe now.

  13. Oh Nikki, I understand how frantic you must have been! As previously mentioned, don't be too cross with him...just let him know how worried you were. I am sure he knows that already. He'll be fine and will certainy have learned the lesson. Ah boys...ya gotta love 'em. And what's to do about that other mother?? I know when I was that age we all went off for the day without another thought and only came back for meals but that was a very different time....too bad.


  14. I'm so glad you found him. It's really painfull when they go missing like that. But he saw the appotunity to go to the beach, and kids don't always think of the consequences. I would definitley talk to the mother, who just let them go on their own.

    Anyway, Happy you found him!


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