Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Shopping at Kdf and Gifts!

Kat the hat came to KDF and brought a beautiful witch hat for me as a gift. My favourite colour for hats is black and so i really love this. It was really lovely to see Kat and her Husband Dan. They both stayed a few hours then went onto see the sights in london and Big Ben.
Thank you Kat!

Kate and Lola also came and brought a gift of the most delicious chocolate cakes from Thorntons. I shared these with the two New Zealand ladies i shared the table with. They loved them too! Thank you Kate and Lola, they were total yummy!

I managed to find time to do a tiny bit of shopping myself, although didn't really buy much. Wish i had managed to find more of what i was looking for in my quick shopping trips dotted throughout the three days.
Frst stop was the Village Wheelwright for some knives. Last time i went to kdf they didnt bring there little tray of metal items, and this time the knives i wanted had almost sold out so was lucky to get these.

Some lovely silks from the Dollshouse Draper. These are for Debie of Piskies and Poppets for making dolls cloths. I love these silks and find them easy to work with myself unlike their very fine silk everyone esle seemed to be buying. I loved this colour comination and will look forward to seeing what Debie does with them.

I also bought these buttons from the dolls house draper and will share them with Debie too. Thye are quite big but will look lovely on items like the hat tables i made recently. Mixed in with small and different buttons their size i think makes the display looks whimsical.

More buttons and scissors from Will use these for two planned sewing tables. I'd like to find a nice sewing machine and have a witch clothes table. These are tiny and were only 25p per pack. Why didn't i buy more?

Some beautiful pots from Clive Brooker Ceramics. I love these and will use them for mandrakes. In a few days i will do a seperate post on the makers of these fine and beautiful mossy pots. Mark is clives son and makes the pots now. Mark and his mum were lovely and glad i met them.

Beautiful buckles and oval glasses from the Dollshouse Draper. I'd love to make some more witchy shoes with the buckles. Kat the hat sent me some beautiful buckles over a year ago which i stored somewhere safe.... have never found the safe place so pleased to have these. I love this stall at the fair.

Lovely barewood carrying basket and pestle and mortars from Will use these for potions. I thought the two little compartments would be lovely with potions bottles in.
I think the sellers are from Germany. The items were beautifully made and with good prices. They had some other lovely items but time just ran out.


  1. What fab presents Nikki and Kate and Kat are sooo kind! :o)) Kat and Kate gave me some superb mini’s too!

    I bought fabric and a pair of glasses from the Dolls House Draper too, they had some fab stuff! I went passed the Village Wheelwright! Do'h! lol There was so much to see and not enough time to have a really good look! :o( I love the bare wood carrying basket. Fabulous buys Nikki.

    Clive's pots are the best aren't they? I have been waiting ages to get mine. ;o)

    Please make some loose Mandrakes, I'm desperate for some for Hogwarts conservatory! :o)

    Michelle xxxx

  2. I love the material too Nikki and the buttons, must get hold of those people and order some thanks for the link! The glasses are too cute and the buckles will look fab on boots, REALLY hoping you make more of those! I got dragged away from the Draper stall by Lola as she wanted to look for her mice so I didnt get chance to grab any nice materials or goodies :-( Will have a look online. Glad you liked the cakes, were they bite size? maybe for the size of my mouth lol!!Gorgeous hat by kat too! Im so pleased you managed to have a look round and treat yourself and look forward to seeing all the new creations you make with them, are you raring to go now or need a rest??!! Kate xxxx

  3. Promise i will make mandrakes in pots and out of pots. Ran out of time for the fair.
    The cakes were quite big and the thre of us fought over them, lol... thank you.
    I am raring to go again but have been held back due to the house having blocked pipes and the kitchen being ripped apart. Hoping it is all done tonight when the plumber gets here in a few mins after his day job.
    Ive tidied and cleaned my craft room so im ready to go again.
    Nikki xxx

  4. Great finds - glad you could get a little time to look for things for yourself!
    The black hat is superb!! Isn't Kat clever!!

  5. Hi Nikki!

    Glad to hear you are raring to get back to work! Love your little mice...didn't realize you were a mouse fan. All your goodies look great. The silk appears to be duponi(?) which I also think is easier to work with than china or charmeuse.

    Have you anything left for etsy? I'm hoping yes....


  6. Awwwwwwww bless Nikki xxxx fwanks.

    I hope your pipes get sorted out and its not too expensive.

    I love that hats Kat has been making.

    Off to bed now kids to teach tomorrow LMAO

    Lorra Luffies

    Debie xxxxxxxx

  7. Hi Nikki, you seem ready and raring to go after your huge KDF success.

    You manged to find two of the things I was looking for, scissors and specs, despite working really hard. I missed them completely!

    Take a couple of days off at least!


  8. Love Kat's Present to you Nikki. I Love her Hats and Kate couldn't have got you anything better, as we know you love Cake.
    Some lovely purchases Nikki, but the Pots they are wonderful. xxxx

  9. Thanks so much for sharing photos and links for your finds! What wonderful choices. I love everything, but especially the fabric colours and the pots (what an incredible patina they have) -- okay, and the cakes, which are making me SERIOUSLY hungry! (I love the fact that they are mini cakes -- was that deliberate, Kate? :)

  10. Nice goodies :-) love the buttons. I will have to have a look and see if I can find some more buckles for you ;-). Glad you liked the hat :-D. Cakes looked a bit yummy ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm tee hee ;-)


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