Thursday, 20 May 2010

New Minis for etsy this Sunday.

Just to let you know i will be lisiting quite a few miniatures this coming Sunday 23rd May in the evening between 8pm and 10pm UK time.

Tomorrow and Saturday I will post pictures with further details like measurments etc.
A few will be reduced in price.

Heres my etsy shop where i have already reduced one of the potting tables. Prices include postage too.

2 x potion bottle sets.
Handmade glass and polymer bottles in small sets.
2 x mandrake tables.
Mandrake crates.
1 x chiminea with hot coals.
Mandrake sacks with mice and sign.
Hanging birdhouse gourds/pumpkins.
2 potting tables.
1 small hat making table.
Moon and Sun floor tile.
Pentacle floor tile.
Pumpkins with faces.
Pumpkin bottles.
Dragon hats.
Vampire sets - 2 types.
Fairy papers.
Olde bones prep boards.
Dragon table
Dragon crate
Dragon skulls - these are reduced because they have no teeth.
Mushrooms in pots - fly aragaric and other
Pumpkin soup prep.
And some other little bits.

I need to stock up on various materials, so in a few weeks I will slowly start listng new items. Will also be making new hat and book stands and the brooms that were popular at kdf. Going to have a go at making ghostly white in all of these.


  1. I'm sure they will be flying out of your Etsy Shop Nikki. Especially to those that missed out at KDF..xxxx

  2. Woo hoo!! What a list to dream over - drooling already happening!!

    Ghostly white sounds intriguing.

  3. Lovely to see you selling on Etsy again Nikki. I know Lola really wanted a dragon hat so Ill have to keep my eyes open.Good luck, not that youll need it, it will soon all go! Kate xx

  4. I couldn't get to KDF :( and as you know, Nikki, I really want a pumpkin birdhouse for my Gertie cottage, any left??? I will be waiting for a mandrake sack to be listed too, I can see I will be glued to my computer for ages again, like the time you were listing your pumpkin stacks!! ;0)
    Hugs, Julia xx

  5. Cool :-) good luck with your sales not that you need it ha ha! Like witches brooms they will fly out!

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  7. Thak you for letting us know, Nikki! I hope I will be lucky to buy some potion bottles!:)

  8. I am sure it will be the usual mad rush for your pieces Nikki.
    Even though I went to Kensington I wil have to peek....birdhouse pumpkins,how did I miss those?

  9. I'm going to set the alarm on my mobile phone right now so I dont miss the listings, LOL (I'm always usually too late) I couldnt afford to go to KDF but am sure I can aford one or two items of yours IF I can get there before the mad rush! :o)


Thank you for your comment xxx