Monday, 17 May 2010

The Mice!

As promised some better pictures of the two mice i bought at KDF.
I slept until lunch time, lol. Mind you i was up half the night unpacking so lunch time is about right... i think.
Heres the mice i love to bits by Jain of Giddy Kipper
Last night when i got home sadly the ear on the right was broken, but luckily in such a way the join i have glued can not be seen. I had to pack quick at my hotel yesterday morning because i slept in and so everything got chucked in the case. The case was then bashed around all day, but luckily it was just the ear. Should have seen me getting ready in ten mins flat including breakfast... oh lol.


  1. so small and so cute, love them....
    good to read you slept in...;)
    A fair is lot of fun, but also very fatiguing.
    Loved your last work too...very whimsical...
    love, Andrea

  2. Nikki I am so pleased that you treated yourself to the little mice. I know how much you wanted some. They are lovely. Now they need a home, so get cracking girl and make them one..xxxx

  3. They really are precious. So pleased you are doing a mouse house, you can give tips to Lola along the way!! What a family you will have if you treat yourself every time you do so well!! Kate xx

  4. Aww they are just fabulous! I didn't realise that they were sooo tiny! I LOVE Jain's work, I managed to treat myself to some of her characters too. ;o))

    Michelle xxxx

  5. AWWW! They are simply amazing! I really must have my own! What scale would you say that they are though?
    Hannah :)

  6. ohhhh! cute cute cute!!! very small. 3" tall = maybe about half scale? how fun to make a house for them!

  7. They are adorable Nikki! So glad you were able to fix them so easily! Can't wait to see what you make for them! -ara

  8. Those mice are just too precious!! Congratulations on your show!! Glad to hear that you did great!! Now that you have one under your belt the rest will be easy peasy!


  9. Great mice! Glad you're back!

  10. Son una maravilla!!!!
    Seguro que hacerles una casita, va a ser muy divertido
    besitos ascension

  11. I love the mice! I really like the Daddy I hope i can have one for Christmas and a little boy and girl too. But my Mama does have a baby so she is happy until then, Love from Lola xxxxxxxx

  12. Oh Nikki, a breakage!! Hope the mend is ok. Had a great time on Saturday night, good to have a natter, we must do it next time.
    Someone asked about scale of mice. They are what I would call small 12th scale, to big for 24th. I just like doing them that size.
    Hope you have recovered now, jain xx

  13. Oh they are special aren't they!
    Very Clever Jain!!!

  14. Gorgeous mice :0)
    It was lovely to see you at the weekend Nikki, your stand looked fab and saturday night was fun !
    heres to next time when you will be an old pro LOL and cool as a cucumber !
    julie xxx

  15. adorable and sooooooooooooooo cute!!!!!!,



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