Sunday, 9 May 2010

New Post Over At Question and Answer

Over on my Question and Answer blog is this weeks topic of searching for week.
If there is something you are looking for and cant find maybe somebody over there can send you in the right direction.
I was meant to be doing resin week but dont have the time, so doing this as an alternative until im back from Kensington.


  1. Wands! Thats what I am always on the lookout for and when I find some, they are always marked as sold! So, if anyone knows where to get some nice wands or makes them and would to do a swap with something I make, please let me know :0)
    Julia x

  2. I know what you mean, wands are very elusive. I tried making my first two and I think they turned out ok. They're polymer though, not wood. Check out my blog, I have a picture of them there.

    This is just my first try though, I will be making more and adding crystals and things. Tell me what you think :).

  3. Forgot to say, I'm always looking for glass. I live in the US and I can't seem to find good witch or wizard type glass items outside of shows. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

  4. Dont forget to pop your comments over on the otjer blog too.

    Nikki xxx

  5. mmmm, I´m allllllllways looking for cristal eyes, can´t find them (well, I found some very expensive......) any idea where can I buy some for my little dolls!!!!!!!!!!!!
    thank uuuuu

  6. Eli (moti) I buy the eyes in this shop:
    For my trees I have bought ones very cheap. The normal wire glass eyes are moer expensive. The shippment is always fast and great. Have a look if you see better prices.
    Un beso.



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