Monday, 10 May 2010

My Friend Eva's Etsy Shop.

My lovely friend Eva from Spain opened her etsy shop last week, and so far has some beautiful miniatures listed there.
Here is the link:
Here's some pictures of what's availale at the moment.
I love everything in her shop and especially the Magical Tree and Flutist Elf.
Everything Eva creates always make me smile... lots!
Heres a link to Eva's blog too:
Lots of love and hope you have lots of sales Eva! xxx

The books below are not yet on etsy, but i think they will be soon.

Nikki xxx

I love everything in her shop and especially the Magical Tree and Flutist Elf.


  1. I love her tree, too! And I was admiring her books on her blog just earlier today -- thanks for the heads up about her shop, off to Etsy, now!

  2. Eva is making some wonderful

  3. Thank you for making this post. :) Love her work!

  4. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!! I am shouting of happiness!!!! What a surprise!! Thanks, thanks, thanks *grin* - *grin* Do you feel how I am smiling?
    I do not know what to say...gosh!y English sometimes is not enough.
    From the botton of my heart, a big thanks you.
    You are sooooo "guapa".
    Good luck at KDF, all my positive thought will fly to you this weekend.
    A big beso Nikki ;)

  5. Fantastic, love the books. I will have a look at eva's blogspot and etsy too.

  6. Her work is awesome.

    Love your new photos lol

    I am soo behind as usual.

    If I don't 'see' you before have a great show...loads of luck and loads of sales :-)

  7. A lot of cool stuff, I will have to check out her shop!!

    I wish you the best at your show! I know you will do awesome!! Your work is fantastic!!



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