Saturday, 8 May 2010

Time Flies By and Thank you Debbie.

This morning i was up really early and decided i'd finish my price labels and pack everything up. I did actually semi do this the other day, but had a rethink and so doing again.
I'll move back to the packing in a min!
The post arrived ever so early and by that time i'd got myself in a bad mood because it just seems like the clock is ticking too fast with too much to get done.
It's my son Nialls birthday on Monday (he will be 12)and loads of cards arrived for him, but tucked in with them was one for me. Just knew it was a card but couldn't think what for.
Anyway, it's from Debbie of Tiny Treasures and it really cheered me up on an otherwise dark, rainy, and miserable day! Made me laugh too.
Here it is, the little message on the envelope and the inside too.
Thank you Debbie, i love it and will take it to the show with me for my table.

Here's a pic of my room and my price tagging going on. Having to sew them all on to almost everything.
Debbie made the tags for me from her punching machine and i've stained them with ink.
I'm going by train to the show and so have to pack really well to fit it all in two big boxes i'll put on wheels (fishing trolley and fishing boxes really).
Ive also been cutting tubes this for the delicate items, not only for me to travel but also for customers to take items home safe without any breakages.
Ive got so many items i need to protect in both ways as above, and so for the smaller items I'm using business card boxes, plus lots of other suitable containers. But because of only being able to have the two boxes i also have to pack everything into these just to get there.
I dont just want to chuck items in bags and so have also had to make purpose fitting boxes for all the tables. But i do have bags to, lol.

This eveing i have to make a few more display holders and think up something for displaying potion that tip over just looking at them... im sure ill think of something.
Im having stained and dirty covers for my table and lots of wood and rustic display stands. Ive made some little steps for small items too.
This name banner i need to sew to the front of my table when i get to the show, Must not forget the needle and thread, lol. It's not wonderful but running on a budget of nothing at the moment and ran out of brown paint so it had to be black.

Probably will not do another post now until next week.

Thank you to everyone that has offerd help, sent me parcels of materials and items to add to my work, for all the good wishes, offers to help me at the show when it gets busy (hopefully), the advice on just about everything and wonderful surprises ive had along the way. I'd have been really stuck without all this help and can't thank you enough.
Also thank you to my blog readers and the encouragment you always give. This really means a lot to me.
Thank you also for putting up with my bad grammar, all my typos and spelling mistakes. I laugh sometimes when i go back and look at certain posts. Debbie always tells me off for this but i still dont do the spell checks and proof reads, lol. Easily distracted im afraid!

Promise i will take lots of photos when i set the table up at the show, and lots of close ups too. I just dont have time to clear my room and set a temporary display up to see how it all works. Its all in my head lol.
Once back next week i'll post lots of pictures.

Nikki xxx


  1. Nikki, everything looks just wonderful! I can't imagine packing up everything into just the two boxes for travel but I am sure you'll figure it out. I'll wish you luck for next week but you will not need have a marvelous talent and once the shoppers see your amazingly beautiful and well made things the word will be out to all. Just go with the flow...and enjoy yourself! I sooo wish I could be there.


  2. I love your brooms nikki. Your sign is cool! Debbie is clever and a nice freind to you. I love your blog and your witches things they are beautiful Love from Lola xxxxxxx

  3. Glad you liked the card Nikki and it cheered you up. I had so much fun thinking of things to write and put in the picture boxes. I borrowed the picture that Jodi did of you.(
    The little tags look great stained and so different to everyone else's.
    I do hope we will get a show preview as there are quite a few of us that can't make the show. We want loads of pictures..LOL

  4. Nikki what a wonderful surpise and I love all your attention to detail. Your going to do ever so well and your work is really going to stand out.

    Lorra Luffies

    Debie xxx

  5. I wish I could be at Kensington to see your display and merchandise. Best of luck to you! and.....if you have anything left over, please list it on Etsy!

  6. Nikki, I so wish I could be there to see your table - you must take a photo of it please. You know you are going to sell out so fast. Even the price tags are amazing.

  7. What a wonderful and thoughtful friend you have in Debbie ... she must love you very much :)

    Thank you for showing us glimpses "behind the scenes", as you prepare for the Festival. All the best for Kensington -- I'm sure yours will be the most popular booth at the fair!

  8. The sign looks wonderful as do all the goodies! Debbie is fab isnt she, what a boost for you! We cant wait to visit the little witch, it will be one of our first stops! Im taking my camera, want lots of piccies to bring back with us! Kate xxx

  9. Have a wonderful time at Kensington, Nikki. Your going to be a popular table and we only wish we could be there to say Hi and buy loads of your pumpkins and brooms :0) Your card from Debbie is wonderful, it will look great on your table. Take Loads of photos for us, pleeease!!
    Julia xx

  10. Good luck Nikki, I know you'll do brilliantly, wish I was going.


  11. I wish you GOOD LUCK with the show in Kensington. I think the other miniaturefans, will stand in line for your marvellous miniatures. I know I would have!
    Hope you have a good time, and enjoy every minute of it!

    Lots of hugs

    Dikte (cross my fingers, that you come home empty handed)

  12. All the best for the show and the cards a brilliant suprise.
    Loving all the work and minis you have shown us.....just know your going to have a fab first show.

  13. All the best Nikki. I hope to visit your stand on the Friday. I am sure I will be amazed.

  14. Very best wishes for the Show Nikki, and thanks so much for sharing the process with us!!

  15. You have worked SO hard for this special time!
    I know you will do very well! Your miniatures are unique and well made. I'm sure your tables will be the talk of the show!

  16. Oh how I wish I could come to London... hoping I can pull that dream off next year.
    Fairs are such fun because you finally get to put faces to names from the blog world.. have fun! I have no doubt that your boxes will be empty when you get back home :)

  17. Hi Nikki,
    Don't want to give you another problem for Kensington, but just thought that if your business name sheet is fastened to the front to your table it will be perfectly visible until the show opens, but not when you get people standing in front of would be a shame to go to all that trouble making it for it not to have the desired effect

    Love Doreen xxx

  18. Thank you for all your good wishes everyone!
    Doreen, i have no idea how to put my name banner high above the table. I don't have the right display to allow for something to go high.
    If you know a way let me know because i did want it high and had to use this as a last measure.
    Nikki xxx

  19. I dont think you really need anyone to wish you luck as you are going to do so well anyway you wont need any more luck! I wish I was going to KDF and know that I would buy so much of your stuff myself that Id probly have nothing to spend on anyone elses stand! LOL you have to remember to take a before the doors open shot, cos Im sure you'll be sold out by end of day 1 :o)
    thats a great card Debbie made you too x

  20. Muchisima suerte!!!!
    Aunque no la necesitas, porque tu tarjeta es, tus buenisimos trabajos, eres una gran artista.
    Pasatelo genial y cuando vuelvas, sube muchas fotos
    besitos ascension

  21. What a wonderful card Debbie sent! I am sure you will do wonderful as your work is some of the best out there- but I wish you loads and loads of luck and success and I really wish I could be there- so jealous of everyone that can be there! Good luck Nikki!!!!!

  22. I love the card :-D see you on Friday your stall is going to be fantastic I cannot wait to see it and you of course :-). Try and get some rest before friday take a few deep breaths!!!

  23. More luck coming from my way but I dont think you'll need it. Well not for the show anyhow...maybe for the train journey lol. Can't believe you are carting all that by hand.

    I just love how you are tagging everything....I am a huge believer that the packaging if a mini is as important as the mini itself. You have definitely done that is obvious you've put as much attention into this as the mini itself. Love it and well done.

    Debbies card is a hoot lol.

    Can't wait to hear back about the show.


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