Sunday, 16 May 2010

I'm Home!

Just to say i'm home and ever so happy to be so.
Had a lovely weekend and met so many wonderful people and so many bloggers too on all three days. Its been great to meet each and everyone of you, and Pam, Sara and her mum also that don't blog... everyone was lovely.
Kat, Michaelle, Janice, Kate and Lola were all there on the Friday and wish i had been free to talk more. Next time im going to try and get a helper and be free to natter more.
I've done really well and reached the target of sales i was hoping for to make it worthwhile, so its boosted my confidence loads. Ive applied to be back there for the Christmas show and hoping i can mange to have a bigger table, plus more time to work on my display and its layout which i really should have thought of more. But for a first fair i'm really pleased all went well.
Friday morning setting up seemed to be going well, but by 11am i kind of started panicking i wouldn't be ready. I'm shocked how long it takes to set up.
At that time i realised id never get the table ready and needed to get to the bank to get my float. Luckily Bob from Country Contrast legged it there for me just in time. Thank you so much Bob! I really don't know what i would have done without that help.
I can laugh now but at 11.45 i still wasn't ready when Julie from Bellabelle Dolls came to say hi. The second i saw her smiling happy face i burst into tears. There i was on the floor trying to get all the packaging packed up in boxes while everyone else was ready with their tables looking beautiful, and without Julie and her calm and cooling influence i'd never have made it in time. We got there (well more julie while i cried) with 5 mins to spare! She didnt have a clue what was what but in seconds it all hit the table. Thank you so much Julie and for also having to suffer my boxes under your own and Jains table for days,
I didnt have time because of all the above to take the photos i'd love to have taken so apologies i have nothing to share.
I shared a table with two absolutely fabulous ladies from New Zealand. I don't think i could have been placed with anyone as nice as the two of them, and God did they make me laugh the entire weekend, taught me so much and also made feel so comfortable to be sharing so closely for such a long period of time. Could have trusted them with my life too. You meet people in life you never forget and the two of them i will never forget. I was sad to see them go at the end.
I still have quite a few minis left and will list them on etsy in a few days. Will let you know via this blog when doing so.

While away my eldest son Francis who is 18 decided he would take up art again, and for some strange reason he dedided to draw Gordon Brown.
I think it's wonderful although not sure why Gordon Brown influenced him so much.

Here it is:

Tomorrow i will take some good photos of what i bought for myself from Jain of Giddy Kipper. This photo is awful and promise to take good ones in the morning with natural lighting.
I have always wanted to own a family of mice made by Jain and rushed there on Saturday morning to buy the mum and dad. Just need a toddler and perhaps a baby to work on a a little house ive wanted to make for so long. I have an egg house i want to convert with the mummy mouse washing and baking apple pies, the daddy mouse doing some kitchen repairs and the toddler being naughty upto something he/she shouldnt.
The mum mouse holds the basket i will fill with apples.
Sadly with my packing and the weight of everything the ear has broken on the mummy mouse, but luckily i can fix it without the join showing. It broke my heart when i unpacked them to show to everyone at home. My son Patrick loves them and thinks they are amazing. I'm so proud to own them too having always wanted them.


  1. So chuffed you did really well Nikki, we all said you would. Julie and Jain are fabulous and I am so happy for you. That drawing of Gordon Brown is great.

    Lorra Luffies

    Debie xxxxxx

  2. Welcome home Nikki! Your stall was the most fabulous, and we are thrilled you did so well but all knew you would be so popular!
    So pleased you decided to go back at Christmas and we hope to see you again!
    We are thrilled to bits with all our treasures from you and forgot quite abit. On my list were tiny boots, sewing basket, etc etc and I came home kicking myself on several items I didnt go for at the time but it was so tricky to get in there!
    have a great rest tonight and tomorrow !
    Great pic by your son, what a talent, must run in the family
    Love Kate xxx

  3. Sounds as if you did wonderfully and I am sooo happy for you! Not that I had any doubt because your things blow the competition out of the water.

    Setting up(especially for the first time) always seems to take longer that you think...isn't it great to see a familiar face in the crowd? Having someone to help makes a big difference, even if it is just to schlepp :-D. That's why I am so glad my son comes with me...he doesn't think he's a big help but he is. Of course, feeding him dips into the profits...

    Eagerly awaitng your etsy sale and happy to hear there are a few scraps left over for those of us who couldn't get to KDF.


  4. Just chuffed to bits that you did so well! I’m glad that you had the much needed help too! ;o)))

    Kate and I wished we had bought more, but we were both overwhelmed by all your goodies and it was kinda hard to move around at your stand too! lol

    It was lovely to meet you at long last and all the other lovely bloggers too! I didn't get home till 20.00 and I was still tired yesterday and not back to my normal self today, s goodness knows how YOU must feel! lol

    I can't make the December KDF, just an expensive time of year and the taxi is not cheap. :o(( If you go next May, then I'd be back! lol

    Michelle xxx

  5. Glad you had a good time Nikki - so jealous I couldn't be there at Kensington. Maybe next time?! From the photos your stall looked amazing.

  6. I guessed you bought some dolls from Jain when Debbie said that you had treated yourself! I know you wanted some of her fab mice! What a wonderful treat!! ;o))

    Michelle xxx

  7. OMG wait til Lola sees them tomorrow after school she'll love them and has one of her won too!! Gorgeous mice arnt they!! xxx

  8. Nikki, so glad you did well everyone loved your stall :-).It was so nice to see you. I love the mice they are so sweet tee hee :-)

  9. It's been wonderful following your Fair experiences, Nikki!! Well done!!

  10. I'm so pleased for you Nikki. I had every faith that you would have and good fair and wasn't I right. Love your little

  11. Nikki, I'm so pleased that everything worked out beautifully. Everyone in blogland say that your stall was fabolous and I strongly believe them. Congratulations for you success. Minihugs Rosanna

  12. Congratulations! Thank you so much for letting us follow your adventures preparing for and presenting your beautiful work at such an important fair. I LOVE the mice! And I THOUGHT that was a portrait of Gordon Brown -- I looked at the little tiny picture next to your blog name at my blog and said to myself, "Good Lord. That's Gordon Brown, isn't it?" I'm glad I wasn't going mad, and I agree that it's pretty splendid!

  13. Congratulations! I am also very happy to hear you had a great success at the KDF!
    Your mice are so cute!!! I wish you had put something in there for scale to show us how big they are. Sorry to hear about Mommy mouse's ear. It is god news that you can fix it without her having a scar.

  14. I'm so happy that KDF went really good! And your mice are SO cute, lovely. And good that you got the ear fixed,


  15. Hi Nikki,
    I'm so pleased you had a great time!! I've been reading about your weekend via the other blogs & about how well you have done!! Fantastic!! Exhibiting for the first time is nerve-wracking, but I'm sure you will become a pro by the time the Christmas exhibition comes around. Congratulations!!

  16. Nikki, Congratulations and welcome back!! I am so so happy that the Fair has been a succes. I have seen in differents blogs your display and your table looked wonderful, and everyone says that was awesome ;)
    The Gordon Brown's draw is really good, congrats to Francis, and the mice are lovely and cute. I love them.
    A huge beso for you

  17. Congrats on a brilliant fair.
    Jains mice are sweet and both her and Julie such a lovely people.
    Your table looked wonderful from the piccys i have seen and have heard lots of good reports back from the show.

  18. So glad you had a wonderful time, you deserved it :0) Looking at the pics on other blogs, your table was lovely and so full of wonderful bits and pieces. Your mice are wonderful and your idea for their home is lovely. I have a great little apple pie with a slice taken out and put on a side plate and an unbaked pie left over from my tearooms. You are welcome to them if you can use them in your mouse house. Just drop me an email or leave me a comment.
    Julia xxx
    PS My email address has changed, fed up with SKY playing up, The new email address is in my blog profile.

  19. I'm so happy for you that you did well Nikki- I knew you would, your work is always amazing. Thank goodness for sweet Julie- makes me tear up how wonderful all the miniature folks I have met through blogging are-what an angel she is! I wish I lived closer- I would gladly be your helper at the next fair for free!!!

  20. The picture is great! I am so happy to read you did well (and to read you've got some minis for your Etsy!;))Congrats!

  21. Hi Nikki, it was great meeting up with you on Friday. Having seen everyone's photos of your stand it seems your fame has spread cos you must have sold 2/3 's of your stock in the first 3 hours of the show and you had lots!

    I have already placed a few of my goodies around my house and I am so pleased with them.

    I will definitely be on time in November!

    You must be exhausted but you should be really proud of yourself.



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