Sunday, 23 May 2010

If i am late this evening listsing, this is why

My son Niall who has just turned 12 has been staying at his friends house last night and I've been waiting and looking for him all day to come home since.
The stupid mother of his friend has let them go to our local sea front this morning and has not heard from them since. Im so angry with her.
We have walked the entire length of the beach back and forward and all over the area we live, but still no luck.
The mother is not even bothered, while all i can do is worry. The two of them have been gone for almost the entire day and i know he wont have money for drinks etc.

I never let my children roam the streets and never would i let Niall who cant swim go to the beach on his own. Luckily our beach is always packed on hot days so i know if anything has happened he will have been seen.

Off out to look for him again and apologies if i can not list as promised this evening.

As soon as i find him ill pop a note here to say what time i can list from.


  1. OMG I totally understand you. Let us know when he is back. Hugs Rosanna

  2. Oh Nikki why are some parents so irresponsible!! Im the same as you I wont, and never have , let the children out to play in the streets and am strict that if they go to freinds they stay at the house and dont go off up to the shops etc. My Lola at 8 has people knocking for her to come out and play and I say no as they all go off to the local coop to get sweets then go to the park 5 mins away to play and I just wont allow her to go. I think she thinks Im mean but Id rather that than never forgive myself if anything was to happen. Im sure he and his friend are fine and totally oblivious to your anguish but thinking of you and hoping you find him and his friend soon, and give the mother a piece of your mind!! After all while in their house etc he is her responsibility! My Jake was 15 today so even though Id like to wrap him in cotton wool hes now getting to the point where enough is enough Mum!! Kate xxx

  3. OMG, hope you find him soon! I would be not mad but furious to this mother, I know how worried you must be, my son is also 12 years old and now and then they have these most stupid ideas with their friends. We've bought him a mobile so I can reach him when ever I want and he can call me if there's something he needs.


  4. I perfectly understand you. He will come back home safe but I can not understand the other mother!!! I would be angry with her too. Oh! Yes, so so angry :(

  5. I will happily find a way to fly over there and hold stupid woman down so you can flog her at your leisure.

    Thinking of you.

  6. Hope you find him soon, Nikki, I'm sure he will be fine, just enjoying the weather and not realising you are worrying. I am like you and Kate and don't let mine out either! Thinking of you and hoping you find him very soon, Julia xxx

  7. Oh, I hope he'll be back soon all and well!Good luck to both of you! Keep my fingers crossed:)

  8. I'm sure he'll be fine - but I understand that uncertainty of not knowing, it eats at you.
    You're a caring mother - trust that he has picked up your good sense.

    xxxx Glenda


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