Sunday, 23 May 2010

Missed photos from last night! - Witch and Wizard sign in the making!

Pictures below of what i missed in the previous post. Ive been having problems uploading photos both to here and where i edit and crop them. My camera the children have been messing with and so have really struggled to take good photos. My internet connection is ever so slow for some reason too, and on Saturday i deleted a load by accident (had to take them all again), so not been having a great weekend with photo's and the computer.
It's been so long since i listed anything on etsy and i forgot how long doing so takes. I've worked out it takes a good working day to take this many photos, then do the editing and uploading etc. Then a good part of the next day typing up all the item descriptions, then listing for hours. Then a major part of the next day actually wrapping them and posting, messaging to say items are sent etc, and so on and so on.
As much as i am pleased i can sell this way it really gets to me how long it all takes. I can loose 2 days out of a working week doing so and hate the fact i loose all that time when i could actually be making.
So i have a plan. From now on to save time and allow me to work towards the next show i think i'll make multiples of one particulr item just for etsy. Say for instance 20 of the same potion, 10 of the same prep board, 10 of the same filled chair etc etc. This means one picture and one upload for an item with a multiple listing and makes sense... i think.
Its ever so easy to forget how much time people on etsy and other similar sites spend working on these otherwise unthought of tasks. Its really hard to juggle the making and selling, mixed in with being a mum/wife/laundry woman, lol, and stuff like that.

Heres the photos i missed last night.

Mandrake Table.

Potting Table

Dragon Hats.

Mandrake and Mouse Sack.

A few people have asked how much the the dragon table will be. I'm listing it at £120. This includes postage too as with everything else.
The mandrake tables are £100.
The small hat table is £45.
The dragon hats are £45 - i spent hours upon hours making these.
The dragon skulls are £20 each - Ive reduced these because they have no teeth, they are hand sculpted and no two are the same.
I need to convert these prices to Dollars still.

Yesterday i decided to have a go at making a new sign for future shows. My son Patrick is building me a frame of steps i will add sides and aged wooden steps to. It will be about 4ft wide with two larger steps at the top for items like furniture. The smaller steps as it comes down will be for items like potions and prep boards.
The sign will be added to the top step and the whole of the steps will be hollow to allow for packaging and all the bits you need to hide at shows.
I looked around on ebay last night for wooden lettering, but each letter that i liked cost on average £4 each and in total would have been around £100.
So i enlarged text in microsoft word and basic paint, and glued them to some cardboard, then carefully cut each letter out.
I'd like the letters to look like wood, with an aged cream background. When complete i'll post more pictures. Pleased with it so far.

I've pictured it next to my slipper for size reference. Im a size 4.5 so you get a rough idea.
Dont laugh, lol... slippers are great for these things.


  1. I love the new sign and very distintive too! :o))

    I missed a few things on your stand - just didn't see them! lol You'll still be seeing me at KDF when you go or maybe others in the South of England if you attend any others! :o))

    Michelle xxx

  2. You've got a brilliant selection of things for Etsy and am sure they won't be there long. I think the idea of batches of things is good for you to put you under less stress. You can still list any available OOAK items as well as you go along.I know how long it takes to photograph and list new stock on our websites. The sign for your Fairs table is looking really good and I know it will be just fabulous when you have finished it. We find our fair display stand is constantly evolving. You look and think 'Oh I could do that here and this there and it would make things easier/better.' If you have a bigger table too you won't be so cramped and can display everyhing much better, and customers can get in to see you more easily!

  3. Nikki "SPELLING", look at your blog post title!!!. You've missed off the "S". LOL..
    Some wonderful items for Etsy. The sign will be fabulous once its finished. I'll ring you

  4. The sign looks great Nikki. Doreen's right, stands are always changing, I seem to change something at every fair. Julie and I have had to plan a new stand for our kensington trips, we felt like we were in prison for three days after the last one, just could not see out! Good luck with Etsy, don't think they will be there for long. Love Jain xxxx

  5. Good luck with all your sales Nikki, we are now off out for my eldest son Jakes 15th birthday and wont be back in time :-( Im sure John planned it that way to stop me spending money lol! Kate xxx

  6. Love the new sign Nikki, its going to be fab .
    it is tricky getting the right table set up and I have changed mine a few times, I think I have it just right now and it only takes seconds to put together :0)
    Now jain and I need to try out a new arrangement for our shared tables at kensington at Jains on ! We think we have a cunning plan...fingers crossed it will work.
    Good luck with etsy and I really symnpathise with all the work listing, sometimes I think I need a P.A.or a team of elves to live in my shed and do stuff overnight ;0)
    julie xxx


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