Saturday, 1 May 2010

Don't Forget The New Blog - Paper Topic Week

Just a reminder i started the new question and answer blog last week.

Here's the link:

This week its all about paper in relation to miniatures, but can also be used for non mini's.
Next week the topic will be resins, liquid fimo, scenic water.

If you're stuck and not sure how to do something, maybe somebody over there will know and be able to help.
I remeber just a few years ago not having a clue when i was new to minis, and had to learn quick and sometimes the expensive way through mistakes. I'm hoping this blog will save people time, effort and money and over time be built up to cover various weekly topics.
I'm looking forward to next week because have so much to learn in that area.

Thank you also to everyone so far who are happy to help, advise, give links and suggestions.

A new topic will be created each weekend.


  1. These little paper ensembles are absolutely wonderful. Oh my! I know you're getting things ready for a show....I follow your blog...but will you be offering anything like this on Esty at any time? I think they would work for non witchy don't you? Keep up the wonderful work!

  2. Hi Carolyn.
    Im planning on making more of these and have the papers already cut, but at the moment working on other minis for the show. After the show ill get back to them and put some on etsy.
    I'm unsure what to add to these papers... i thought about litle crystals, maybe a wand or even fairy dust in little vials. I cant think of anything else past those items... mind has gone blank.
    Maybe i should just leave them as they are but feel they are missing something.
    I also though about adding a little feather quill pen and maybe an ink bottle too.

  3. I like the quill pen with the ink well idea, Nikki. These are very nice.


  4. Wonderful! Wonderful! You're quite an inspiration!

  5. Yes Susan... think i'll go with that idea!
    Thank you for all your help and advice over on the new blog.

    Nikki xxx

  6. Hi Kate. Nice to see you here!
    Thank you for the nice compliment too.
    Hope the new blog is helping people in some way.
    I remember trying to learn too much to quick and just ending up in a pickle with nobody to ask advice from. So thought i'd help in my own small way with the help of others too.
    Hope you show some new art work on your blog soon... lots of research going on over there!
    I admire you for that. I have no patience, a bad memory for names and facts, and so can never remmember one artist from another... its a bad way to be having a brain that forget everything within seconds.

  7. Your new blog is great. I am already doing the Photoshop tutorial. You're a marvel. Now, some more hours in the day..........
    Bye for now

  8. Hi Marion. Glad it has helped you. Great tutorial for photoshop there and ever so well explained
    Nikki xxx


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