Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Hat Table

I know, i know, i said i would not be blogging until May, but i just couldn't resist having now almost completed this table.
Still a tiny bit more to do, pack of needles is needed, a little touch of paint on the hat box i can see is missing some colour, and the hat shaped a bit more.

Sometimes when you make a miniature you can't help but spend far too much time looking at it, and all i ever do is nip over to have another look, plus it makes me smile... lots!

If you look close, the scissors at first glance seem out of scale, but everything else is too. It's kind of whimsical i suppose and i think it works.

I've made the big reels with buttons and discs. The lady in the material shop helped me rummage through to find the right ones, but all she could say was they are far too big, but i wanted big. She just didnt get why considering the scale and was reluctant to let me buy them.

Ive also been learning to sew and made this hat myself... yes myself, can't believe it... me sewing, lol. I can actually sew, just not normally in miniature.
It's calico or something similar that i sanded on one side, then on that side i used a rubber stamp loaded with pva, i then added a rusting powder, sprayed with vinegar to make the rust happen, and once dried washed/dried and put together.

There is another similar table, but its a bit smaller. Plus i have put together 5 little hat tables if you look to the right on work in progress. One of them is pink and i never do pink so dont quite know how that happened!

I'm now putting all the hat and sewing stuff away, having the biggest tidy up this room has ever seen and moving onto potions.
I must have used every pot of paint, every single type of glue you could imagine, every single sculpting/cutting tool i own to make this. Every drawer has been opened, ever box and everything on my shelf too. But thoroughly enjoyed it, regardless of the hours and mess in its creation.!

Nikki xxx

P.S I tend to play music while i work and this table has been made to me playing this song over and over... i'm terrible like that when i love something!
Anyway, its Morrissey whom i normally claim to hate, and refuse to let my husband (his biggest fan ever) play anything of his in the house or car.
Ive seen him in concert and hated it last year, but somehow suddenly im in love with him and play this song in particular all the time.
Kind of like a song that will get on your nerves, but once in and listening its addictive. Think i even sing it in my sleep. Need a remedy to get it out of my head because its driving me nuts, lol. But still i cant stop playing it!

Live version - Morrissey - There is a light that never goes out (Live 2004)

500 Days of Summer - recorded version - 500 Days of Summer - The Smiths - There is a light that never goes out


  1. WOWO!!! That's ALL I can say! What a riot of detail and colours! :o))

    Michelle xx

  2. Excellent! Wish I could be going to Kengsington :-(. I don't think the shears are out of scale...have you ever seen the size a professional dressmakers scissors? They must be 12 inches long....scary really.


  3. Thank you Michelle and Susan.

    The scissors i bought i manchester in a bead shop a few years ago. Been saving them for something special, but they are bigger than any 1;12 pair i have ever seen although they really work. A smaller pair looked all wrong... weird that!

    Nikki xxx

  4. Tabs is correct, the shears are fine and to scale. Shears are huge compared to scissors and very weighty! :o)

    I've just been laughing at your new pics on your blog of you!

    Just fantastic work.
    Michelle xx

  5. OMG- Fabulous!!!! I LOVE this table so much- makes me want to make a witch cottage and I am not usually the "witch" type! I don't know how you could possibly let this one go Nikki- I would have to keep it for myself. I'm glad you popped in to blog- it's really beautiful♥

  6. I know, i cant stand to let it go. Sometimes and i knows if you dont make minis this is going to sound total nuts, but they almost become like a friend to you. I talk to this table, lol, no end! Doesn't happen often, but this table has been so loved all the way through.
    I know i will miss it to bits!

    Nikki xxx

  7. That is remarkable Nikki! Very cool looking hat table. And if you didn't mention the scissors being a bit too large I'm sure I wouldn't have taken notice.

  8. Michelle. Lol at the pics... oh lol! Sad arse i know i am!
    Nikki xxx

  9. Oh my god Nikki you have outdone yourself this time! I can see why you just had to show us. I love the extra large scissors. I know for a fact that scissors are always very large in the Wizarding World. They are the only thing that will really get the job done. Clearly the saleslady didn't know who she is dealing with! :-)

  10. Absolutely beautiful! Fab work!

  11. So eclectic and colourful its incredible Nikki! So many different things to look at and great detail. The fact that its a mish mash of scales gives it the perfect quirkiness a witchy table should have, anything fantasy shouldnt be 'just so'. Love all the tables and hats, you have a gift for hats too, and I personally love the pink one! This will be one to really appreciate at KDF and with my tickets in the post, Im getting even more excited now! Kate xx

  12. Hi Nikki. Absolutely love these tables. You must have had a lot of fun making all the froo-froo bits.
    I think the scissors look just right any smaller and they would have looked lost.

  13. Nice to read you again!!
    They are great, even the pink one ;)
    I do not think the scissors are out of scale. My father worked for several years making clothes and when he cut the patterns, shirts for example, he used a giant scissors, because it was professional.
    I do not know where you find so many tiny and pretty things.
    OH Now I have seen that Susan has said the same with the scissors ( but in better English..LOL)
    I have received your e-mail. I will answer you tomorrow morning...THANKS guapa.

  14. Absolutely beautiful - I just wish I could get to Kensington.

  15. Such beautiful! You`ve done a wonderful work!

  16. These tables are fantastic! How creative you are!

  17. Nikki I can see why you don't want to let it go. It is wonderfully

  18. Ooooh, Nikki - everything the ladies have said, a hundred times!!! It is just fantastic - the details, the colours, the conception!
    I find too that music helps so much, I'm in an early Pink Floyd state at the moment, don't know why, but why question it?

    Love from Glenda

  19. Wow have really gone above and beyond tour that a word lol.

    I LOVE Kin it even makes me want a witchy house.

    Ad you sewing...did I read that right lol.

    p.s I don't like Morrisey either....I might go check that one out to see if he's gotten any more cheerful :-)

  20. PERFECT !!!!! simply perfect !! keep it for yourselves!

  21. OUTSTANDING!!!! Simply delightful! :-)
    ~ Deb

  22. Wow love your tables the scissors look perfect to me. I have real sewing scissor for hat making and they are huge! I cannot wait to see your stall I just wish I had lots of money. Still I shall bring some pocket money to spend :-).

  23. Your table hats is fabulous!

  24. gorgeous work nikki, youre making some fab stuff !
    As for morrissey,I always loved him even if he can be an old misery guts sometimes ;0) "please please please" would be on my desert island play list,
    hope to get a chance to see your table while theres still something on it.....2 weeks to go and counting !!
    julie xxx


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